Best New Indie Pop

Your Smith is a singer-songwriter with a beautiful voice that has crafted an amazing song (she only has the one right now) with bits of funk, alternative, and soul that all work together to form something…else. Something better. Something worth blogging about.
Billie Eilish comes from a family or actors, musicians, and screenwriters. At the tender age of 16 she already had bragging rights over them all. Her latest single, you should see me in a crown, further cements her status as the family superstar.
We’ve been in a week long music coma, indulging on the latest and newest indie pop tracks. Before we jet we leave you in good company with LANY, HOLYCHILD, Big Data, and more. Yes, music for all, and you’re all going to love it.
A lot has been said in song about heaven over the years. It’s a place on earth, for easy girls, a halfpipe, a truck, a traffic jam on the 405, etc. But now electro pop duo Terror Jr have the audacity to suggest that Heaven Wasn't Made For Me.
Sigrid burst on the scene with anthemic ballads like Don’t Kill My Vibe and Strangers, but Schedules is perhaps the most upbeat song she’s ever done, an off-kilter pop number that would fit as well in your uber chic summer mix or a top 40 countdown.
With today’s ten best of indie pop songs, the weather isn’t the only thing around here that is making us sweat the gallon of ice cream we ate last night. Childish Gambino, Twenty One Pilots, Rudimental, Sofi Tukker, and the rest of our handpicked tracks are raising the temperature up in here.
How about a tune with a dark heavy acid bass-line that nearly overpowers its droning 80’s synth pop lyrics about a robot being turned on for the first time, with baby screams as breaks between the verses?? Poppy’s Metal is the AI / Science-Fiction / Pop-Art tribute the world needs right now.
Before you get to celebrating the one day you can get away with lighting up some fireworks without the cops showing up at your door let’s dive into some indie pop songs perfect for today’s activities. We’ve handpicked the freshest indie pop tracks for ya featuring MNEK, Amilli, XYLØ , and more.
Every morning, we wake up - bleary-eyed and groggy - and slowly steel ourselves for the day. Warpaint, by rising Indonesian singer/songwriter Niki explores this daily struggle with a mellow, cavernous beat and an explosive, joyful chorus.
lap on your favorite pair of headphones, grab a muffin top and wave your boredom goodbye because we’ve got 10 new indie pop songs featuring Carlie Hanson, Clara Mae, 6lack, and more.