We Are: The Guard are proud to present an Alternate Dimension Grammys— one where artists win because they factually are the best in their category not because somebody’s nephew told them that’s what’s hip this year. Woah, bold. If the Grammys aren’t going to do it, it looks like its a job for us.
We typically think that everyone who’s famous found success quite easy -- which is far from the truth. Here are ten musicians who worked normal jobs before they made it big.
Coachella regularly books some of the coolest acts you and I and your friend Rick who knows EVERYTHING about music have never heard of. And these artists are in a font so small it barely registers with your eyeballs. Thus, we present our Best of the “Small Print” Coachella Artists playing Sunday!
The lineup dropped, the festival sold out, now it’s just up to you to make the rest of the weekend magical. What about some of that small print stuff? You know, the one you actually have to put your glasses on to read like at the DMV? What’s a Jason Bentley? Exactly. Let’s check it out.
Not only has Ariel Pink been gradually letting his glowing melodicism shine on his last few records, with ever expanding production values catapulting Pink to the orbit of a genuine Pop Star himself, he’s also been coming to prominence as a legendary songwriter for today’s more adventurous crossover pop stars.
So I guess we all know that H&M is racist now. That’s fun. Not the first time a clothing company I’ve hated has been embroiled in a racist t-shirt controversy. The Weeknd (and G-Eazy hopping on a day later) are parting ways with the now defamed “hipster” clothing company.
So by now I’m sure you’ve heard about the idiotic publishing negotiations / impending legal battle between Young and Beautiful Lana Del Rey and Paranoid Androids Radiohead. A representative for the kings of experimental indie noise rock has brought to public attention the similarities between the brooding songstress’s 2017 song Get Free and their 1993 hit, Creep.
To further push your taste knobs in the right direction we’ve collaborated with some of our favorite music influencers (blogs we love, key music managers, favorite PR people, etc) to bring you 12 indie artists who will pwn 2018. Listen below and discover new talent to add to your Spotify playlist.
For three whole days you can relax and have a little ‘you’ time because the ultimate Southern California music festival is right around the corner. And that stacked dance lineup in the small fonts? Who arrrreee these people? Let’s talk...about the Top 10 Small Print Coachella artists playing Friday.
Although we see our musical heroes as infallible and perfect, they are human and are prone to ups and downs just like us. Every artistic relationship will go through rough patches and sometimes they can reach a breaking point. Read about some of the most famous fallouts and learn what caused them.
We’ve fallen in love with an app called FestEvo and we hope you do too. FestEvo, like We Are The Guard, is at its core a crowd-sourced music discovery platform. While we bring you hipper than hip indie rock and pop, they bring you “every artist on every festival lineup” to peruse at your own leisure.