Hipster Landfill

There are the artists, the promoters, the security, the fans, the clean-up crew, the lightning technicians, the sound engineers… but they’ve all been given their due in the past. This one goes out to the true unheralded hero of the music festival: the ASL Translators.
Jay-Z, media mogul, former rap-icon, and househusband to Beyonce, has announced on Twitter that he will be taking on a new partnership with Smucker's brand jam. This should come as no surprise to those who have followed Sean Carter’s business moves over the years.
The tire screech of a quick getaway, a record scratch to pause the music, snorting a line of cocaine-- whatever you want the sound effect to represent, it can and it does. Skrrrt is the catch-all phrase for young rappers who don’t have any clue what to say in their song.
We’ve got the exclusive scoop on the lineup for (Name of Festival) Music Festival. For their current year in (City), (State) they have #blessed us with an absolutely (Generically Praising Millennial Adjective) lineup. This is HUGE. YASSSSSS!!!
We’re giving away two FREE tickets, that means zero dollars out of your pocket, for you to join us at our first ever branded night at The Echoplex. The lucky winner or winners will catch PPL MVR, jesse saint john, and MXMS all on the same night. Yes, you’ll see three incredible acts for free, courtesy of us!