So you’re going to Coachella this weekend (or next! “WEEKEND 2 RULES!”) and you’re currently scouring the internet looking for last minute tips and tricks because you’re too excited to even function. Well we at BitCandy are psyched to help.
So let’s talk about Tidal, huh? The initial numbers came out this morning and they are looking good. Damn good. Tidal, the hottest new music streaming service right now. It just BLEW THE DOORS off all expectations (which were granted, none).
We at BitCandy scoured the net to bring you the weirdest festivals and conventions of 2015. Now we just got to hit all of these, huh?
Another year is upon us and that means 365 more days jam packed full of music festivals great and small. We’ve compiled a list of the Top Ten (or so) Must See Music Festivals of 2015.
We here at BitCandy have taken on the nearly impossible task of compiling a list of what we believe to be some of the best song lyrics of all time, so read on to re-discover some of your favorites or find new ones!