Hipster Landfill

Sure, Coachella is a million months away, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t already thinking about it. In fact, we’ve been dreaming up our ultimate Coachella lineup since the day after we left the Polo Fields this past April. We’ve got some choice picks to be there in 2019 and I think we are right on the money.
With all of the writers here at We Are The Guard, we are able to claim (with confidence) that someone on our staff listens to pretty much every different kind of music under the sun. There’s no genre we’re too afraid to touch— except for metal. We’re terrified. We have literally zero clue. That’s where this intrepid reporter comes in.
Three months ago Disclosure quietly dropped Ultimatum to surprisingly little fanfare. The single, featuring Malian singer/songwriter Fatoumata Diawara stands up alongside the band’s greatest hits, combining world and house music into something so special that it could only come from Disclosure.
Whether you love it or hate it, Southern Hip-Hop led the way for the formation of what trap music is today. The reason it’s here is because of the innovative and creative minds of southern rappers and new rappers taking that formula to create something of their own.
There have been rumors that Will Smith has the best Instagram ever, but I didn’t believe it until the most famous prince to come out of Bel-Air took to his channel earlier this week to congratulate his son Jaden Smith on his accomplishment of hitting 100 million streams on Spotify for his album Syre.
Most of us at one point in our lives have had those nightmare neighbors that we were just about ready to murder. Put on this playlist, turn your subwoofer up and get out of the house for the whole weekend. Your neighbors will never stomp again, that's a guarantee.
This is the fake Justin Timberlake trying to build as much hype about me in the next few days ‘cause I’ve got tickets to sell and a Super Bowl Halftime show that I have to “one up” from my last performance.
We Are: The Guard are proud to present an Alternate Dimension Grammys— one where artists win because they factually are the best in their category not because somebody’s nephew told them that’s what’s hip this year. Woah, bold. If the Grammys aren’t going to do it, it looks like its a job for us.
Not only has Ariel Pink been gradually letting his glowing melodicism shine on his last few records, with ever expanding production values catapulting Pink to the orbit of a genuine Pop Star himself, he’s also been coming to prominence as a legendary songwriter for today’s more adventurous crossover pop stars.
So by now I’m sure you’ve heard about the idiotic publishing negotiations / impending legal battle between Young and Beautiful Lana Del Rey and Paranoid Androids Radiohead. A representative for the kings of experimental indie noise rock has brought to public attention the similarities between the brooding songstress’s 2017 song Get Free and their 1993 hit, Creep.