What’s up, my gang? It’s me again, sliding in with this week’s Best of Instagram post like your best friend’s coworker at 2 AM on a Saturday night. I got our favorites this week, including Raye, Diplo, and Cardi B — Who is finally NOT pregnant! I am team Kulture, guys.
The team and I have once again rounded up the tastiest tweets of the last seven days to feed your need for everything pop kulture. It's time to dig into the following 280-character bites from Cardi B, Kanye West, Ariana Grande, Beach Fossils, Best Coast, and more!
Keeping up with your Twitter feed can be as hard as keeping up with Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's relationship status LOL! It's all good, though, as We Are The Guard is here to bring you the highlights that you may've missed over the last seven days.
If you're looking to do a lil' light reading while you wait on your hot dogs to finish up on the grill, then you're in the right place! That's right, I'm backstreet's back (ALRIGHT!) with the second edition of We Are: The Guard's Twitter Moments to keep you entertained ahead of the fireworks later tonight!
We tirelessly seek out new and novel sounds from every corner of the globe. Many of the most interesting and exciting sounds and styles have been emerging from Asia, particularly Korea and Japan. These are the 10 K-pop and J-pop bands you need to check out.
Welcome to the first of what we hope is going to be many editions of We Are: The Guard's Best of Twitter! That's right, since y'all can't seem to get enough of our recent Instagram Moments bringing you all of the top snaps and stories, we figured that we'd go one step further and bring you a weekly dosage of Twitter highlights
We're here to keep those vibes flowing and to also give you a quick recap of what you missed on the Internet/Instagram. We got posts from DJ Khalid, Nicki Minaj, and more. Strap yourselves in, folks!
Do you ever find yourself wondering how the fabulously talented and wealthy musicians and celebrities of the world live their lives, but are too lazy to stalk them on Social Media like a normal person? Never fear, cause we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a quick look at the happenings from around the web.