Indie Dance

Oliver Nelson is an artist who is better known for remixing, but now he is testing talent by creating original music. His new song, Ain’t A Thing, is definitely something. The best way we can describe it is modern disco—so we easily hear it play in Studio 54, if its prime was four decades later.
Los Angeles based duo MAKO is destined for a radio-friendly hit with their brand new single, Real Life. MAKO members Alex Seaver and Logan Light collaborated with Morgan Page on the track, and they ended up created an uplifting, fun and memorable three minutes of pure indie pop fun that is bound to grab them some deserved attention.
It's the first week back at work after the holidays and spirits are at an all time low, but Los Angeles artist Ryan Marshall Lawhon, aka Mating Ritual, is here to give us the boost of energy that we need to get through to Friday with the rip-roaring How You Gonna Stop It?
We haven’t been subtle about our love for Santa Barbara’s favorite son DEMN. I Like It, similar to all of DEMN’s music, isn’t about lyrical or emotional depth, but it’s about the feels. And this song, like the rest of DENM's entirely-too-brief catalog, is packed full of feels.
Need a new addition to your party night playlists? Well, you’re in luck because Los Angeles-based electronic duo OLIVER has just released a brand new track, Electrify, and we are totally feeling its disco-infused sound and infectious vocal hook.
As one of the highlights off 2014’s In Return, It’s Only by Odesza is the ideal song to make a video to, and this one does not disappoint. The video spans from Ancient Egypt to World War I, with plenty of stops in between.
We’re happy to premiere with you today The Sneeze, a sleek stimulating production from Argonaut & Wasp that opens listeners to a genre bending world where pop meets rock and tropical house.
Earlier this month when we wrote about new artist Whilk and Misky, we were pretty sure they were a folk band. Their best new song, Two Bridges, feels like the work of a fundamentally different band. There’s a dark, grimy undertone that wasn’t even hinted at in their earlier work.