Indie Dance

“I know that everything's gonna be a waste of time,” is a hell of a battle cry to build a pop anthem around, yet Danish star Soleima (Sarah Mariegaard) is up to the challenge, doing just that with surprising ease and inspiring results with Pacify Me.
Belgium's Soulwax have weathered the test of time well with Missing Wires, the lead single off of their first album in 12 years, Deewee. What makes Missing Wires so vital and vibrant is the way Soulwax polish and present their postmodern punk electronica. Beguiling, disorienting, and catchy as hell.
LA's jesse saint john has an impressive resume for someone just releasing their first single. He's already written songs and singles for Britney Spears, Charli XCX, LAUV and Brooke Candy, as well as guesting on a track on the soundtrack for Fox's Empire.
AlternativEDM. Just coined a new genre. Done. Easy. Or Unlike Pluto did and I’m just the vessel from where the words come. I mean he did all the real work after all in creating a song that fits as casually with early 2000’s alterna-grunge as it does with late 2010’s electro-future.
We Are The Guard presents the the product of the collaboration of Said The Sky and FRND called Faded. While this song is anything but murky, be sure to grab Dramamine in case this one causes a little too much uneasiness. Better safe than sorry.
Have you been missing chvrches as much as we have? The Scottish trio are proving powerful enough to influence a few newcomers. Yes, Plya is another trio with a love of electronics and a female lead singer with an angelic, pillowy voice. Despite their very evident similarities, we're not complaining.
Cardiknox released one of the many underrated albums of 2016, Portrait. Now they're back with a drizzling of singles. Inspired by their parents' enviable record collections, the latest release is called Bad Boys and it's a return to decades past.
Norwegian singer ARY has released her brand new single, Already There, through Petroleum Records, and it’s so good that it’s already got its stamp of approval from Elton John.
We are beyond excited and proud to help usher Bless Your Heart into the world, helping to refine DENM’s distinctive rough-around-the-edges mixture of club-friendly slum beach pop with a mojito’s worth of tropical dancehall spice, all topped off by DENM’s smooth, catchy vocals.
Up-and-coming electronic producer Prince Fox released a single primed and ready for commercial take-off. In Space, the production speaks for itself instantaneously, plain and simple. Prince Fox creates an effortless and infectious beat, melody, hook -- the works. Vocals are provided by Quinn XCII.