Indie Dance

Black Sweat, one of the leading singles off of Anthology 1995 - 2010 offers a chance to both re-appreciate latter-day Prince as well as reflect on his musical legacy.
A lot of you probably won't even remember 120 Minutes or public-access cable, which is a shame as both could be a source of unexpected genius (or at least some genuinely entertaining weirdness.) Orange County duo Precious Kid revisit this strange, vanished era on Was It Worth The Love Song.
I was unfamiliar with the practice of Woodcutting before I heard the standout track from Australian Deep House/Dance DJ Golden Features. Featuring a stunning vocal performance by fellow Aussie Rromarin, Woodcut is a hypnotic, sexy, and highly infectious song about the lasting impression lovers make on our lives.
A general rule of thumb for relationships: if you have to badger, snooker, coerce, or request your partner to say ‘I love you’, it’s likely something neither of you have any business saying. Brasko provides a stunning example in his latest single "TMYLM" (Tell Me You Love Me).
Flight Facilities have graced us with a beautiful, emotional groover that you, me, and EVERYBODY ELSE is going to be swooning over for the rest of eternity. Flight Facilities blend folksy vocals, chill trip hop drums and vibey synths into something transcendent.
Thutmose was born in Nigeria and currently resides in Brooklyn. He teamed up with German-born producer NoMBE for this adrenaline-packed rock single. And thanks to the folks at EA Sports, both are about see their profile and platform expand exponentially.