Singer/Songwriter Find: Joshua James


Joshua James hails from Lincoln, Nebraska and crafts a unique brand of music he calls "Neo Folk" (which I learned is not folk music based on the protagonist of the Matrix Trilogy).

Presently, Joshua is best know for having his song "Coal War" appear on Sons of Anarchy:


Now artists with one good song that's in a show, movie, or commercial, or whatever are a dime a dozen. What separates James from the pack is the fact that he's not the type of artist who writes songs just to have them appear in others works of arts. He's actually writing songs because he seems to be the type who just enjoys the process. Even his poppier works have darker tones in them that don't scream "commercial friendly."



If James ever breaks it big, some lazy music writer will see that he and Conor Oberst come from the same state and make a really shitty and apathetic comparison between the two. Hopefully for Mr. James, this day comes sooner than later.

And if you think we might be on a little bit of an Americana singer/songwriter kick with our tip off of The Lumineers (nearly a year ago) (and 6 months ago our review of the album here) and our love for Delta Rae (check our review here you may be right.  That's what we're about on BitCandy...we can tout Skrillex or Cat Power or Rihanna or Joshua's all just great music at the end of the day (some more guilty than others) 

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