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Blindside is the brooding new track from the wonderfully moody UK-based duo, AQUILO, and it’s everything we’d hoped it would be. It’s an emotionally charged three minutes and 15 seconds that has us totally ready for their debut full length album, Silhouettes.
New Los Angeles/New York duo POWERS come at us full force with their energy-packed and insanely catchy new single, Dance. It has all the ingredients of an infectious indie pop hit as it’s packed with welcoming oohs, hand claps, funky bass, playful and memorable lyrics, and a super fun singalong style chorus that will totally get you dancing.
Mysterious teenage artist SPOOKY BLACK aka Corbin Smidzik has been creating some well-deserved hype over the past couple of years with his unique, chilled-out take on the alternative R&B genre. The Minnesota native laid low for most of 2016, but now he’s back and refreshed with a brand new track called “Destrooy” (and no, that is not a typo).
Los Angeles based new artist NoMBe is releasing his debut album, They Might’ve Even Loved Me, single by single, and the song Wait is a sexy smooth track that we can’t wait to share with you today. His sound is self-described as electric soul, and he says his album is a “brutally honest account of romance, sex and heartbreak.”
U Make Me (because spelling out entire words is so 2016), is the smoldering debut single from newcomer ISAAC LEE, and we simply can’t get enough. The young Atlanta-based artist’s broody croon is perfect for this type of dark and dancey EDM, making us super excited to discover what else he has up his sleeve.
If you're looking to switch off from reality this Friday, then you're very much in the right place. Featuring Bruno Major, Sampha, Henry Green and more, consider the following edition of BitCandy's Best Chill Songs your 30-minute escape from the world around you.
If there's one thing that we can safely rely on to be there for us in these times of strife, it's music. After all, it's been there for us before, and it'll be there for us again. So without further ado, let's get through this Trump presidency together starting with the latest tracks from Spooky Black, Sjwogren, Isaac Lee, POWERS, Lyves and more.
On February 3rd, Tokimonsta is set to release Young Art Sound, a compilation from her very own label Young Art, featuring remixes of previously released songs and music from friends like allie, GITCHII, and label mate Cri. Here’s a little taste of the compilation. Get ready to be drenched in sensual energy.
Instead of getting mad at the inauguration, why not bring some much-needed positivity to your day with help from the following dose of BitCandy's Top Chill Songs? Featuring Alicia Keys, Bonobo, Shallou, Aquilo, Bearcubs and even more, feel free to spread the good vibes among your friends when you're done!