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Who doesn’t love good pop? Phoebe Ryan’s new song, Dark Side, is just another one of her dance-worthy contributions to the music world. In 2016 alone, Phoebe put out three of her own tracks, co-wrote a Britney Spears song and collaborated with fellow newcomers, The Chainsmokers and The Knocks.
Day Wave’s music is an escape. Even though Jackson Phillips' first full-length album, Days We Had, won’t be released until May, I wouldn’t consider him a new artist. Since his first song premiered in 2015, Day Wave has developed a distinct shoe gaze sound. All of his music has a fuzzy quality to it, and his latest song release, Something Here, is also a bit hazy.
Los Angeles-based artist K.Flay is getting ready to release her second album, Every Where is Some Where, later this year, and she just dropped the album’s explosive first single that we are super excited to share with you today called Black Wave.
Who knew that love in the digital age between millennials could sound so darn cute and uplifting? Well, that is totally the case with producer Digital Farm Animals (Nick Gale) and singer/actress Hailee Steinfeld’s hot new single, Digital Love.
Like exquisite light up jewelry, internet cat gifs, and Britney Spear’s trajectory, Kites by Swedish producer Grynpyret is a classic track whose sound captures some of the best memories as a kid. It's a hot mess of a track that for a quick 3 minutes makes you feel like a kid again. Carefree, fearless, and innocent to a degree with an uplifting airy style that that makes life feel simple and fun.
As part of his upcoming EP REAL, Henry Green releases a dizzying tune that will get people excited about taking a step back and diving into an intimate space where soft sultry beats serve as a safety blanket from the feeling of vulnerability that may be felt throughout More Than This.
There is intense emotion behind J. Cole’s music, almost that of torment. The singer-songwriter’s development of gripping word play behind his latest single, High For Hours, gives much for the listener to reflect on.
Seven years after releasing their last album Rock Dust Light Star, acid jazz legends Jamiroquai return from what I can only assume was some kind of faraway intergalactic odyssey armed with a heady dose of 90s escapism in the form of a brand new song, Automaton.
Chicago-based duo LOUIS THE CHILD described their sound as music that makes you happy, and that is definitely the case with their latest track, which is stirring up a ton of well-deserved buzz. The duo has teamed up with one of our favorite new producers, Elohim, to create a dreamy and blissful indie pop track called Love is Alive.