Best New Chill Out

If you're looking to switch off from reality this Friday, then you're very much in the right place. Featuring Bruno Major, Sampha, Henry Green and more, consider the following edition of The Guard's Best Chill Songs your 30-minute escape from the world around you.
Instead of getting mad at the inauguration, why not bring some much-needed positivity to your day with help from the following dose of The Guard's Top Chill Songs? Featuring Alicia Keys, Bonobo, Shallou, Aquilo, Bearcubs and even more, feel free to spread the good vibes among your friends when you're done!
Ease up on the stress a little this weekend with the following edition of Best Chill Music. By taking a couple of days out with the latest tracks from dvsn, Seeb, Emma Sameth, Pollàri & Lil Peep, Lonelyspeck and others, maybe you'll come back even more determined to achieve that New Year's resolution of yours!
Dan Vidmar, the artist with the moniker of Shy Girls has left a lot of ladies and gentlemen drooling. His lyrics carry so much soul that make even the coldest of hearts want to feel. His latest pop ballad, Why I Love, opens up haunting and devastating tone that is memorable due to the Vidmar’s vocals. I also feel that it’s a perfect track for the season.
Christmas is mere hours away, and while much of the music blogosphere is done for 2016, we're taking it upon ourselves here at The Guard to bring you one last opportunity to relax and recharge your batteries before the holidays. Enjoy the Best Chill Songs of Week 51 from Bonobo, The M Machine, Echos and more.
The only thing that's preventing me from having a complete breakdown this holiday season is the following edition of Top Chill Songs. If it wasn't for the latest tracks from Mansionair, Gems, Shy Girls and more coming to my rescue, I'm pretty sure that I'd be slumped in a Starbucks somewhere, cry-singing Mariah Carey into my Eggnog Latte as we speak!
It's the most wonderful time of the year...or is it?! Call us Scrooge if you must, but we think that Christmas can be stressful. Enter The Guard's Best Chill Songs. The following tracks from Flume, Peter Silberman, Blackbear and more will provide you with some much-needed peace in the lead up to December 25th!
The Guard is here to help you stay sane this holiday season with the latest edition of Best Chill Songs. Forget Mariah Carey prancing around in an inappropriately tiny Santa outfit. All you'll want for Christmas this 2016 are the following tracks from Jai Wolf, Lyves, Cigarettes After Sex, REECE, Shy Girls, and more.
Why not join me in passing up on the questionable deals and endless queues and instead stay at home and relax (recover?) with the latest edition of The Guard's Best Chill Songs? Featuring Liv, Autograf, Troye Sivan and more, there's something here for everyone!
Before the holiday season kicks off in full next Thursday, why not take the opportunity to treat yourself to some much-deserved me time by clicking play on the latest dose of The Guard's Best Chill Music? Forget about the turkey, the pumpkin pie and your racist uncle. For the next 30 minutes or so, nothing matters except you and the following tracks from Aquilo, Elliot Moss, SOHN and more!
We have the latest and greatest from artists like James Vincent McMorrow, Mini, Froyo Ma, Goody Grace, and much more. So get cozy and be prepared to take some notes because you’ll be sure to add some of these tracks to your latest fall playlist.
As far as I'm concerned, whatever way that the country decides to vote on Tuesday, we're all pretty much f*cked, so why not relax and embrace the chaos?! No, really – I'll be over here doing just that with help from the latest edition of The Guard's Best Chill Songs. Feel free to join me by hitting play on the following tracks from Majik, Tourist, Kungs, Echos, Steve Hauschildt and more.