Best New Chill Out

We filtered through the blogosphere to curate the ultimate playlist to keep you guys cool, calm and collected this summer. From deep house to trip hop, future bass to R&B, there's something here for everyone, including Sound Remedy, Tep No, HÆLOS and more.
The following top chill songs will help you to keep effortlessly cool during this heatwave. It's time to enjoy this week's tracks from Flow-Fi producer Avay, R&B crooner Gallant, Silverdale duo Aquilo and many more!
Get the good vibes flowing with the following 10 hand-picked chill songs. From a sexy Marvin Gaye remix by Laquell, to an ambient work of art by Luka, to a melodic dubstep masterpiece by Sound Remedy and Illenium, there's something for everyone.
Good, good, good vibrations are everywhere and we're about to add to the mix with the following best chill songs. From deep house to dream pop to trip hop, from Slum Sociable to Aquilo to Made in Heights, there's something here for everyone.
As the sun gets brighter, the music gets better.. Grab your headphones, turn up the volume – it's time to immerse your mind, body and soul in the following best chill songs from Adam Snow, Shura, Sufjan Stevens and more. Beautiful!
Positive, happy, warm vibes are everywhere and The Guard are about to add to them with the top chill out music of the week! I hope these songs from Gallant, Tropics, Matt Woods and more leave you feeling great!
Featuring SLO, Haux, Maribou State and more, this week's best chill songs make the most perfect Easter soundtrack that you could ask for.
Grab your headphones and warm beverage of choice and read on to hear the latest chill music from The Land Below, Tulpa, Gordi, Jude, and more.
Chillwave songs have been coming at us from every direction this week, so we're bringing you not one but TWO parts of this column. Let's get started with Novo Amor, Samaris, HRMXNY and more.
From deep-house to dream-pop to chill-trap, from Michna to Vallis Alps to Josh Pan, there's something here for everyone in this week's chill out music!