Best New Tracks

RY X hasn’t done much to switch up his style that put him on our radar over five years ago, and that's perfectly fine by us. His sophomore effort Unfurl is due out next year. Last month saw the release of Untold and Beyond and today the best song of the bunch has arrived.
One of the very few non-horrifying things happening in society right now is a newfound openness in discussing mental health and the struggles we all deal with. Which brings us to the Los Angeles-based rock quartet Badflower and their newest single, x ANA x.
Durk is Atlanta based now, but he’s clearly got mad love for the place he grew up. It shows unabashedly with this song, accompanying video, and neighborhood hero organization. Now Lil Durk is spreading his success as wide as he possibly can.
King Princess’ latest single Pussy Is God is anything but subtle, including how fantastic it is. Full of bombast and bravado, this song is so catchy it’s likely to win over even those folks the title seems intended to offend.
Eli. feels like a millennial Leonard Cohen, shouting into the void exactly what he’s feeling and hoping that there’s someone out there who will connect to it.
Tyla Yaweh is the newest signing to Post Malone and Dre London’s label London Entertainment with a pair of hits on Spotify that have over 5 million plays between them. As he gears up for his highly anticipated debut F The Rules, Tyla has given us the dancefloor-ready jam She Bad.
N E V E R M I N D is classic chill dance vibes, with the sexy, sultry vocal stylings of a talent that is such to get about as much play in your headphones as Lebron is about to get on his first year with the Lakers.