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ROME FORTUNE is back continuing his Beautiful Pimp series (the last installment was way back in 2014) with the first single off of Beautiful Pimp 3, Jaded. The track is produced by C.Z., and it’s a fiery mix of electronic and hip-hop elements.
20 year old new artist SIGRID is already blowing up thanks to her smashing debut single, Don’t Kill My Vibe, which is simply pure pop perfection. Strong and striking vocals, intricate soundscapes, and simply epic and emotional production will take a hold of you instantly.
Santa Monica-based artist OPUS ORANGE is sending chills down our spines here at The Guard with his beautifully haunting and must-hear new single, Moon River. For this track they’ve teamed up with songstress KOTOMI who provides some seriously intoxicating vocal work that will keep you coming back for repeat listens.
After 2015’s Flash Drive EP, Sydney-based producer WAVE RACER is finally back with his fiery and infectious remix of TKAY MAIDZA’s 2016 track, Carry On. Wave Racer was able to take it to the next level by amping up the original’s playful qualities and adding his signature fun and unique vibe that always keeps us coming back for more.
Benji Lewis has released the most perfect track for the rainy weather we’ve been having here in Southern California. It’s as if he knew this storm was coming and he just wanted to mentally stabilize us with the very fitting laid back beat presented in Drift.
Something for your M.I.N.D., the debut single from the mysterious eight piece band Superorganism, is a real thinker in the sense that this goes against everything you think a song should sound like. Even the spelling of the title is a direct analogy to the structure of the composition. In a way it’s sort of an anti song for current mainstream songs.
Dutch producer R3hab has experimented and put out tracks that cover an array of styles and colors within the electronic scene. From big heavy hitting drops and original songs to dark remixes and bigger than life sounds, but none fit him as well as the lush soundscape that make We Are: The Guard readers fall back in love with house music.
When music sends chills down your spine you know you’ve tapped into something exceptional. Today here on We Are: The Guard, Rationale wins us over with his latest piece, Tethered. Right from the opening, we are drawn into a warm and inviting dizzying sound that you can’t and don’t want to pull away from.
We have to turn to alternative means of escape during these end times, like music, which is where the latest edition of We Are The Guard's Top Indie Songs comes in. Featuring Animal Collective, GROUPLOVE, Saint Mesa, Stevie Parker, Flume and more, may the following playlist help to distract you from whatever dumb shit that our government does this week.