Best New Tracks

Protest music has certainly come a long way. Just listen to today's Latest New Music, "Plague," from the low-res noise pop duo Crystal Castles if you don't believe me.
Every once in a while there seems to be some new artist from Africa that tries to get us to reimagine what African music is. The latest of these bands is The Very Best.
Even if you're not hip to the anti-paterfamilia message of this song, you'll still probably like the unusual beat of Planningtorock's "Patriarchy Over & Out."
The blogsphere is abuzz today over a youtube video (audio only) for "Angels," the first official track off The xx's new album.
The Boston natives Mvscles are here to teach us about "Glo-Fi." So far the band has only released one song, but it's good enough to be one of our Latest Music Tracks.
Before this morning I had no idea what trap music was, but now I do, thanks to LA-based DJ Dillon Francis and his new song "Masta Blasta (THE REBIRTH)."
The Killers' Latest Music Tracks, "Runaways" is not an objectively bad song, but The Killers have written this type of song several times over.