Best New Tracks

American singer-songwriter Claire Guerreso’s gut wrenching tune Ashes is an emotionally raw and highly evocative number that pushes all the right buttons and delivers in a big way.
2019 is the year of giving the people what they want. Or at least that seems to be the case for soulful Irish crooner Dermot Kennedy. The man finally relented and released a proper version of fan-favorite For Island Fires and Family. He also released his self-titled debut LP.
Being alive in a society in 2018 is sort of like living on quicksand, or maybe just over a trap door. The bottom can drop out any second. Information Overload, the debut single from Vermont's Grabbitz, captures this confusing, contradictory life on the edge not only lyrically, but also sonically.
The thing about Christmas music is it’s unavoidable. Which brings us to Dog Orchestra’s cover of the Christmastime classic “Carol of the Bells,” a welcome reminder that Christmas music doesn’t have to suck.
This is that new sound. That bass-heavy house vibe with pop-rap funkiness that covers every possible quadrant of what makes a good dance music tune. I’ve heard a couple jams like this before but here it’s like an angel from heaven came down to craft the perfect version of it. Hark the herald Merk & Kremont.