Best New Tracks

The usual complaints about pop music are that it’s bland, generic, sonically uninteresting and derivative, and overtly tame. Glasgow duo Love Sick seems like they’re addressing these issues head-on with their full-throttle new single Fever.
College is a highly relatable song about moving on from a relationship when one party moves away. It’s a beautiful and honest song as well as the best response to subtweeting I’ve ever seen.
Two years ago, when she was barely able to legally drive, Madi burst onto the scene with a show-stealing role in Felix Snow’s glitching pop hit Slow. The rising Los Angeles-based singer is back in a big way this month with her debut single Reprisal.
Youth is bleak. Few songs have ever captured the anguish of growing up the way GIRLI’s Young does. The angst and bombast feels earned here and you won’t mind as this song gets stuck in your head for weeks.
If Don Diablo was a hot sauce he’d be a fiery chipotle that’s got a major KICK, but is also incredibly palatable and enjoyed by absolutely everyone that’s ever enjoyed anything ever. Don Diablo would be the hot sauce of the people, the kind we’d all order slathered on everything.
Bad is a song about heartbreak; the ones that hurt the most because you don’t see it coming. “I wish you treated me bad,” Lennon Stella sings in the chorus, and of course no one ever wants to be treated like dogsh*t - but it will at least justify the hurt.
Real heads know my stance on covers, that you need to present the song in a new light in order for it for it to be worth anyone's while beyond a single listen. California duo slenderbodies took note and transformed “Toxic” into a nu disco-chill wave hybrid that is mesmerizing.
Sometimes an artist arrives at the right place at the right time to be the voice of a moment. 26 year old Chicagoan Noname, born Fatimah Warner, has more than enough talent to fit the bill and holy shit does the shoe fit.
Novo Amor is a Welsh singer/songwriter as well as an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and producer who makes some of the most beautifully haunting indietronic folk music I’ve ever heard. And that is in a genre that is exclusively populated by beautifully haunted music.
Loneliness is a constant of the human experience and pop music. On her latest single, The Only, Sasha Sloan lets sparseness and silence set the tone in her tale of loneliness and disconnect.