Best New Tracks

Very soon, as in fall of 2016, Paper Lions will be releasing their album titled Full Colour. Today, they share with all of us the premiere of the third single from that album. Get those fingers ready because you will want to have Born To Rule on replay.
Polographia teamed up with Winston Surfshirt to create the incredibly smooth new single, Sly. This is chill wave to the max, right down to the 90’s surf marketing inspired video. The Aussie bros call their take on electronica organic. I call it lo fi (which is just code for low budget). Regardless of what you call it, it grooves.
Cobi's Don’t You Cry For Me is a swelling, emotionally resonant number with tinges of gospel, R&B, and some synth hooks that come straight from the school of Flume. The song has peaked at #1 on the Spotify Viral Charts.
The Naked and Famous took some time off after taking over the world with Young Blood three years ago. They're back now as a more mature and polished unit, and their newest single, Higher, is another indie pop gem that’ll get your heart racing and wind up in 100+ commercials.
Ethan Kath has carried on under the Crystal Castles moniker, adding new lead singer Edith Frances. The duo has released a single and video for Concrete. Concrete is loud, chaotic, and dare I say clubby. It’s high-energy and frantic in the best possible way. The video features Frances walking backwards through the audience at a crowded rave. It makes for oddly compelling viewing.
Death Skull is a new musical venture from Sean Cook, the lead singer and drummer of the Aussie-based outfit MAIDS. Stoned blends tongue-and-cheek satire with an actual message, a combination familiar to anyone who’s heard Cook’s music before. The playful, catchy nature of the song doesn’t belittle the serious nature of drug dependency.
Fresh after crashing their way into the collective conscious since New Bohemia was featured in a Google Play advert, not to mention their co-signs from Harry Styles and Katy Perry, Transviolet is back with LA Love, which just might be their best song yet.
Much like DENM's debut single Lit, Under Pressure mines the depths of alt R&B by mixing together a dozen or so contemporary genres into a single, inalienable jam. Woozy and gloomy, the melancholy dance number feels like the perfect soundtrack for disillusioned youth.