Best New Tracks

Muse's newest single Something Human is practically a 180 from Drones,. A deeply personal song about being burnt out by touring and the general disconnect from other humans in our digital age, Something Human also finds them toning down their anthemic approach to songwriting.
Billie Eilish comes from a family or actors, musicians, and screenwriters. At the tender age of 16 she already had bragging rights over them all. Her latest single, you should see me in a crown, further cements her status as the family superstar.
This is the kind of song you can play on repeat to help get over a thing that's never ever ever going to happen. In that night of self-pity you might as well listen to some tunes that might make you feel better about yourself. Why not start with ABCD (Friend Zone) from PnB Rock. It will help you heal!!
65th and Ingleside is one of four tracks that Chance dropped out of nowhere this week. Just casually dropping tunes, like he doesn’t even care how his music is released. He’s given it all away for free so far. This is as much of a classic Chance jam as any of his hits.
Newly minted local news mogul and person with a demonstrated history of caring about the freedom of the press, Chance The Rapper is having a hell of a week. And his new track I Might Need Security is a bombastic, take-no-prisoners, yet still hella chill cut that feels like another instant sensation.
Self-diagnosed brat-pop duo HOLYCHILD have been set to become the next big thing since way back in 2014. Now they’re back with Wishing You Away, a bliss-pop freak-out like only these two can.
I’m not going to waste your time telling you about Anderson .Paak as I already know that you know and love his work. Bubblin, his newest single dropped in May, but I’m so much more interested in this remix featuring Mr. “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” himself, Busta Rhymes.
Sorry to Bother You is hilarious romp through the worlds of telemarketing, corporate slavery and art, all through a *very* pro-union guise. On top of that, The Coup showed up for soundtrack duties, banging out one of the absolute best tracks of the year.
If there's one artist I want to help spread buzz about in 2018 it's Channel Tres. This dude is EXCITING (ALL CAPS) and I want all of us to get on the Tres train before it leaves the station. Both of his tracks, Controller and now Jet Black, are as good as absolutely anything I have ever heard.
A lot has been said in song about heaven over the years. It’s a place on earth, for easy girls, a halfpipe, a truck, a traffic jam on the 405, etc. But now electro pop duo Terror Jr have the audacity to suggest that Heaven Wasn't Made For Me.