Best New Tracks

Despite a decade and a half of touring and six studio records already in the bag, Metric always finds a way to bring something new to their sound. On their latest single Now Or Never Now, the Canadian quartet’s again sounds refreshed and transformed.
“I can think of something better for your mouth to do,” is one of those things I never realized I wanted a woman to say to me. As the closing line of the nu disco jam “Talk” by Oliver Nelson and Linae it leaves quite the impression.
Last time I wrote about San Holo I called him sad music for fun people. Well it seems like he most definitely got the message because with his next release, Brighter Days, it’s as if he’s challenging that very notion. This isn’t ALL sad -- it’s got happy parts too.
Fast Talk is possibly the most accurate representation of what it’s like to be in your thirties in 2018 and have your whole world suck, even if you’re having some fun some of the time. Middling Millennial Malaise.
Last November when then 18 year old Cole Basta, aka Col3trane, released his heady debut mixtape Tsarina he couldn’t have been prepared for the response. Britney, the highlight track off his new release BOOT, deals with Cole’s newfound notoriety.
These days it seems like everyone and their mother is down on humanity. You can add pop star Moriah Rose Pereira, aka Poppy, and Diplo to that list as their latest collaboration Time Is Up is a sci fi fantasy about robots finally replacing our miserable species.
The scene in Moscow seems to be so vibrant and colorful in a completely stark and vicious way. But IC3PEAK, the audiovisual terror project of Nick Kostylev & Nastya Kreslina, might just be the most significant bottling of this wild energy I’ve come across in all my years of blogging about Soviet Rap.
By now, you should all be very familiar with 6LACK, an artist who makes sexy R&B music for sad people like me. And if you haven’t heard his stuff yet, just think of The Weeknd, but miles clever and very much the opposite of self-deprecating (listen to “Ex Calling” as evidence).