Best New Tracks

Jade Bird is a 20 year old indie starlet from North England who burst onto the scene last year with her debut EP Something American. Her latest single Uh Huh is a tight, relentlessly punk, raw banger that gets your heart pumping, toes a tapping, and will be playing on loop in your head for weeks on end.
Competing with Ocean’s sound, by covering one of his jams and trying to grab and hold on to a little bit of the magic that is his songwriting is a ballsy move for any artist. Our favorite artist to take that challenge head on is Los Angeles based, Europe bred vōx.
A lot of you probably won't even remember 120 Minutes or public-access cable, which is a shame as both could be a source of unexpected genius (or at least some genuinely entertaining weirdness.) Orange County duo Precious Kid revisit this strange, vanished era on Was It Worth The Love Song.
When/if the history of SoundCloud Rap gets written, Smokepurpp will loom as a founding father of sorts. A modern day Ben Franklin who dropped out of high school to pursue his musical career, Omar Pineiro can barely buy his own booze, and yet he invented a genre of music that’s spilling over into the mainstream.
I was unfamiliar with the practice of Woodcutting before I heard the standout track from Australian Deep House/Dance DJ Golden Features. Featuring a stunning vocal performance by fellow Aussie Rromarin, Woodcut is a hypnotic, sexy, and highly infectious song about the lasting impression lovers make on our lives.
“All a man gots is his dick and his word” so sayeth the outro of the newest YG single “Handgun,” which also marks his first collaboration with A$AP Rocky and the most comfortable he’s sounded since his very public split from DJ Mustard.
In case the incredible artwork didn’t tip you off to what this song is about, it can be succinctly summarized as: realizing you’re still infatuated with another person even as they are vomiting on you.
Your Smith is a singer-songwriter with a beautiful voice that has crafted an amazing song (she only has the one right now) with bits of funk, alternative, and soul that all work together to form something…else. Something better. Something worth blogging about.