Best New Tracks

How is this for sexy?! Channel Tres invites you to drop your guard and just let the sleek 70s infused soul-funk production of “Raw Power” take over your body. The single comes off as seductive and intimidating as it challenges listeners to (...)
We Are: The Guarders, it’s time to meet. CABLE. The Nashville bass Producer has got a bevy of astonishingly heavy tunes, some killer key art, and not a whole lot of information out there about him. What we do know is (...)
Los Angeles duo THEY. are known for their experimental and eclectic tastes, counting such diverse artists as Kurt Cobain, James Brown, and Taking Back Sunday among their influences. And yet their latest single “Til’ I Die” (...)
With all the talk of Hot Girl Summer and Christian Girl Autumn, little if any attention has been given to the ageless Sad Girl Summer (SGS). That’s all about to change thanks to “SICK”, the latest collaboration from Aussie (...)
Let me stop you right there and just say one thing: LISTEN TO “WE WATCH THE STARS” by Fink. Do it like now. Stop, drop, and roll away from life. It doesn’t take long after you hit the play button on Fink’s new single to be (...)
There’s an incalculable amount of music and art about being miserable because someone doesn’t like you. But on her brilliant new single “Crushing”, TRACE explores what it’s like to make someone miserable 'cause (...)
Despite their reputation as a dry, dour, and reserved people, the Brtish are actually quite emotional. The very best music coming from that pale island is always packed to the gills with emotional resonance, whether it’s (...)
For those who’ve found their way here thinking there was new music from S4LEM, the trio that turned America on to the underground genre of witch-house, you’ve come to the wrong place my friend. There’s no witch here (...)
R3hab holds a special place in my heart, regardless of that moment's outcome, for giving my buddy a break when he needed one. And that’s what good EDM is. It feels like a break through the hard times. Uplifting progressive (...)
Despite all outward appearances suggesting the contrary, Oliver Tree needs to be taken seriously and is truly an artistic force to be reckoned with. Yes, I’m talking about this man. The above picture is not of (...)
Persian R&B singer Snoh Aalegra explores the confusion of modern love on "Situationship," in anticipation of her upcoming new album! Modern life is confusing, uncertain, unstable. To say that this (...)
Prospa, a young production duo out of the UK feel like they’re throwing back to a time before they were even born. Harvey Blumler and Gosha Smith came into this world in the mid-nineties, a time when UK rave (...)