Best New Tracks

Listening to SAINTS by ECHOS is a religious experience, a conclusion I came to mere minutes before realizing what this song was actually called.
HEALTH have always ridden the line between intellectually heavy and heavy as hell. Their live shows are intense, but often their music has leaned a bit more on the mellow-droning side of the noise-goth sound. That all changes with the LA trio’s new collaboration with Perturbator, BODY/PRISON.
I’m Still Here is a triumphant song dealing with adversity, powering forward, keeping up the good fight, charging on the face of trauma, losing the battle, but winning the war. The intensity and scope of this track is so dark and uplifting in a way that could only be described as cautiously optimistic.
“Fashion After All” is Poppy’s homage to Daft Punk’s Human After All. With that release, Gaspard and Tomas were seemingly admitting that they were only pretending to be Robots, while Poppy might just actually be one.
CAUTION: There is an Alvin & The Chipmunks-esque high-pitch speediness to the beginning of this track that requires you to come prepared with at least a modicum of hype to effectively enjoy this incredibly interesting tune.
Build is Skye’s first follow-up single to her 2018 full-length release ULTRAVIOLET. Only seven months later and she’s already got some new hotness fueling the fire. Arin Ray hops in for a featured verse that’s got some major charm.