Best New Tracks

We still don’t know who the mysterious new band Terror Jr is, but we now know that they Come First. The new single was produced by the red-hot Felix Snow and Jerker Hansson. The 5th single from the American-based band, Come First feels like the perfect anthem for dating in the entitled-identity-politics era in which we find ourselves. It’s also absurdly catching.
Maty Noyes is currently best-known, if she’s known at all, for her vocals that close out The Weeknd’s last LP, Beauty Behind the Madness. Based on her newest single, In My Mind, she’s about to be a household name. At the risk of over-exaggerating, In My Mind is a perfect slice of pop.
If you haven’t listened to Chance The Rapper’s latest mixtape, Coloring Book, you’re really missing out. The best thing to come from it just may be this cover of Same Drugs by New York quintet MisterWives. The indie pop cover has everyone raving, including the man who wrote the original.
New-look Crystal Castles are back with another new single, and CHAR is the best thing we’ve heard thus far off their upcoming LP, Amnesty (I). Once again this tune features vocals from the newest member of the CC family, Edith Frances, although these are more hushed and subdued compared to the aggression on display in Concrete.
We live in a microwave age, where everyone expects things to be ready immediately. Few have the patience to allow something to simmer and grow naturally. Dog Orchestra seems to be the exception to this rule. The Stockholm-via-Berlin duo first popped on our radar a few years back, but they’ve kept a low profile since, honing their craft and waiting for their moment. It appears to have arrived.
We’ve got a transmission from the London underground for you today, although based on the quality of The Crown, Cherryade won’t be unknown for much longer. You could’ve convinced me that this was a new Charli XCX track, and that’s about the highest compliment I can pay a pop song in 2016. You can also hear the unmistakable influence of Maya, as well as PC Music and Sleigh Bells.
Black Super Moth Rainbow member TOBACCO is prepping for the release of his fourth solo LP, Sweatbox Dynasty. Human Om is a great song and a super trippy video that you’ll find yourself watching over and over. The heavily distorted vocals give the track the atmospheric feel of a bombed-out wasteland.