Best New Tracks

Willy Moon is a throwback in the truest sense of the word. Although he's only 21, Moon is making music that sounds like it arrived in a time machine from the 1950s.
With each Latest New Songs Kendrick Lamer drops off his upcoming album, Good Kid, M.A.A.D City, he builds anticipation for his major label debut.
Our Latest New Songs today comes from Irishman Conor J. O'Brien, under his moniker Villagers. Jape remixed his debut single, "The Waves" into an epic electronic journey.
I was predisposed not to like today's Latest New Songs, a true EDM anthem from Tiesto & Allure entitled "Pair of Dice." But my preconceived notions were blown to shit.
Hybrid is the perfect description for Till Death, the creator of some of the most unique Latest Music Tracks you'll find, including Forever and The Dark Woods.
Hundred Waters, an eclectic, five-piece outfit from Gainesville, Florida have been making a lot of noise recently with their masterful blending of folk and electronica.
If you've been listening to The Guard's Internet Radio, then today's Latest New Songs isn't new at all. We've been playing Peaches' newest jam, "Burst," for months.