Best New Videos

U-Turn is the new video from Tegan and Sara and the second single off their 8th studio LP, Love You to Death. Much like Boyfriend, U-Turn finds the band doubling down on the synth pop, Cyndi Lauper aesthetic they tried on for 2013’s Heartthrob. Seth Bogart directed the 80’s inspired music video. The song kicks and the visuals work. What else would you expect at this point from these two?
The Flaming Lips offer up a pretty straightforward arrangement of Space Oddity, or at least straightforward by their standards. The video includes two women dressed like nuns in a cemetery, a funeral/church service preformed by the Lips to an audience made up entirely of white balloons, and a laser light show.
Some things aren’t for everyone. Helsinki native Huoratron’s newest video, XXVI Crimes Of Love, is one of those things. The feint of heart and weak of stomach should hit the back button on their browser immediately.
You ever stumble across something magical on the internet and wonder with a mixture of shock and embarrassment how you hadn’t seen it earlier? That’s totally us with Acid Rain, the truly remarkable video from EDM producer Lorn. We saw it, instantly fell in love, and had to share it.
Cheap Thrills is the lead single of Sia’s forthcoming album, This Is Acting. This is a massive pop song that is likely to burrow its way into your very soul.
Karate is the first single we’ve heard off Metal Resistance, and it’s as effortlessly catchy as everything else BabyMetal does. The video for Karate finds our heroine fighting martial arts masters, ghosts, and other monsters in fanatically fashionable outfits in a dramatically lit setting. It’s EPIC. Or at the very least, highly watchable.
Eccentric Swede Martin Molin, a.k.a Wintergatan, has made the sort of instrument you’d expect to see at the World’s Fair. His Marble Machine is an immensely impressive engineering feat, and it plays a pretty bitching song too.