Best of Instagram

Hello all, and welcome to a riveting version of our Best of Instagram posts - hip hop edition. Because hip hop has been WILDIN’ in the last week.
Just because I have to stop wearing tank tops to work doesn’t mean the party’s over. Oh no — the party don’t stop on our favorite social media site and I got the pics and vids to prove it. Here’s the créme of the crop this week on Instagram from your favorites including Dua Lipa, Camilla Cabello, and Bishop Briggs. Here we go!
In this column, we review the most enlightening, heartfelt, and downright ridiculous posts on the social media site from your favorite people, because we know how hard it is to keep up with Instagram. We got Cardi B, JLO, and Marshmello this week so strap down and PAY ATTENTION.
It’s August and her miserable weather, and her incessant desire to cut summer short. I will be straight chilling in the comfort of my own air-conditioned home all month, which basically means lying in bed and scrolling through my Insta feed, naked. And man oh man, I have some gems for you already.
Welcome once again to another installment of the Best of Instagram. We do these every week because we know that our readers are cool, hip people and need a 'Gram feed like you do a Sunday newspaper. This week features Ariana Grande, Allie X, and our one and true goddess, Britney Spears.
What’s up, my gang? It’s me again, sliding in with this week’s Best of Instagram post like your best friend’s coworker at 2 AM on a Saturday night. I got our favorites this week, including Raye, Diplo, and Cardi B — Who is finally NOT pregnant! I am team Kulture, guys.
Do you ever find yourself wondering how the fabulously talented and wealthy musicians and celebrities of the world live their lives, but are too lazy to stalk them on Social Media like a normal person? Never fear, cause we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a quick look at the happenings from around the web.
Monday is here, the coffee is brewing, and the post-weekend Instagram feed is LIT. This week’s edition includes Nas, Kygo, and Eminem — so all you cool kids, brace yourself and hold tight while I guide you through what you missed on social media in the last three days.