Best of Instagram

The Internet is a wild place. The 24 hour news cycle is no more. Now it’s the 86,400 second cycle where every single second there’s some new update that demands your attention. That’s why we’ve put our heads together and found the best things on Instagram this week.
The weeks that follow Thanksgiving and Christmas always have a sort of International Waters spice to ‘em. Some folks have an overflowing reserve of pent up energy while other are exhausted. This chaotic mixture gives off the sense that anything can happen.
Today is a day of thanks. Thank you to the pilgrims who led the way and gave us the tradition of slaughtering turkeys and causing intense family arguments. This Instagram post is a special Thanksgiving edition where we take a look at what the famous are up to. Scroll through and take a break from the fam.
The question of what is real gets far murkier when you add social media to the equation. Luckily for us, today we’ll be looking at the Insta Accounts of the rich and famous, so 3 Stacks already told us “All this shit is fantasy. For real.” With that in mind, let’s dive right in.
As we peruse the social media accounts of the of rich and famous, one question comes to mind: What do you dress up for as Halloween when you’re the type of cultural figure ‘normal’ people dress up as? The answer appears to be, other, more famous people. Oh, and superheros.
Despite the tireless work of our nation’s publicists (AKA Failed Journalists) and countless overly earnest puff-pieces and profiles, one thing about our celebrity obsessed culture remains clear: The Lives of the Rich and Famous look absolutely nothing like yours and mine.
Today we sit around and gorge on the Best of Instagram Moments. I hope today’s featured moments bring a smile to your face, ‘cause that’s all I really care about. Join us as we quickly run through who’s doing what and what’s new.
Hello and welcome to the gift that keeps on giving — We Are: The Guard’s ‘Best of Instagram’ column, where we offer you the creme of the crop posts on social media this week. Why? Because I know your focus stayed on this Cardi B/Nicki Minaj fight this whole week. No, it’s okay. I totally understand. *cough* #TeamCardi
Hello all, and welcome to a riveting version of our Best of Instagram posts - hip hop edition. Because hip hop has been WILDIN’ in the last week.