Best of Instagram

Hey y’all! Last time I was here I was raving about the beginning of summer. Can you feel the heat already? Well I SURE AM! The summer mosquitos got to me and I’ve been running calamine lotion on my legs. It’s whatever (...)
Party people! Can you believe it? It’s the beginning of June. Pool parties, beer shotgunning, and sweaty faces galore. I am STOKED and I hope it’s the same for y’all. To celebrate the end of May, let’s go back and (...)
Hello gals and gents. It’s me! Your favorite Latina homebody here to guide you through what’s hot and buzzing this past week on Instagram. You will laugh. You will snort. You might even… giggle. But I’ve searched (...)
Happy Friday everyone, and welcome back to another rendition of the Best of Instagram. Are you fully recovered from both weekends of Coachella? I hope so, because I've been chugging Pedialyte for (...)
The Internet is a wild place. The 24 hour news cycle is no more. Now it’s the 86,400 second cycle where every single second there’s some new update that demands your attention. That’s why we’ve put our heads together and found the best things on Instagram this week.
Looks like we’re running short on time deciding what we’re going to cook up this Christmas. But you and everyone invited to the dinner partaay should have nothing to worry about because your BFF’s here at We Are: The Guard did some investigating for you.
The weeks that follow Thanksgiving and Christmas always have a sort of International Waters spice to ‘em. Some folks have an overflowing reserve of pent up energy while other are exhausted. This chaotic mixture gives off the sense that anything can happen.