Electronic Chill

Electronic artist Kaivon pulls all the stops on Alive and creates a massive tune, equipped with a vibrant soundscape that literally sounds like it came from James Cameron’s Avatar.
We Are The Guard love a good collaboration and Kygo has proved he knows how to do them well. First Time is drowning in gentle nostalgia. It’s all very pleasant—a great guiltless pleasure—and it’s absolutely perfect for the radio.
Visceral in disposition, the newest EP from Los Angeles-based musician vōx called I / You combines her powerful vocals with a massively, experimental soundtrack. Listening to it almost feels like a religious experience.
Every now and then it’s good to go back into the musical vault here at We Are: The Guard and revisit some of our previously favorite tracks. Today we’re pulling out some mega chill vibes from two years ago with Seduction Magnet from producer Nicolas Haelg. And yes, it is seductive, and yes, it is magnetic.
Kav Verhouzer’s Shot My Love Down is deep house music with a hint of soul. We first discovered Kav last summer when the Dutch DJ and producer released Get What You Came For, and this new beat has just the same kind of undeniable feel-good vibrations that would turn even the biggest electronic hater into a lover.
Your reality will suddenly become a colorful world of sleek aesthetics and dreamlike sounds when you take the time to listen to ESCPE’s latest musical effort, Aura, which we are excited to premiere today.
Earlier this summer we clued you into the sexy London duo Film/Noir, and today we’re happy to premiere the latest offering from Tobi Faladé and Micael Preysler, Limbo.