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Like exquisite light up jewelry, internet cat gifs, and Britney Spear’s trajectory, Kites by Swedish producer Grynpyret is a classic track whose sound captures some of the best memories as a kid. It's a hot mess of a track that for a quick 3 minutes makes you feel like a kid again. Carefree, fearless, and innocent to a degree with an uplifting airy style that that makes life feel simple and fun.
Brooklyn-based new artist Gigi Mead aka DAEVA describes herself as “local demon girl sings songs,” even though her track, Dream, sounds absolutely heavenly. The track opens with glittering electronics and her light and airy vocals that add even more shimmer to the calming dream-pop track.
The election of Donald J. Trump got you feeling some type of way? We here at The Guard can TOTALLY relate, as can Damien Verrett – better known as the brainchild behind So Much Light – who returns today with Sit With It.
17-year-old Australian songwriter MALLRAT is quickly gaining momentum with her bubbly electronic style that has a delicious pop-infused twist. Her new single, Tokyo Drift, is a majestic laid back whirlwind of 808-style beats, echoing electronics, and her silky smooth talk-singing style that flows effortlessly.
2B is the third track released off Bonzai's forthcoming debut, Lunacy, and it’s a banger. 2B is a bass propelled power pop number that shines in all the right places. Bonzai’s gorgeous vox soar over the synth and electronic percussion for a silky smooth song that’ll leave you dreaming of summer drives with the windows downs and not a care in the world.
Montana native songstress Charlee Remitz writes compelling pop songs for listeners who appreciate music that doesn’t fit a particular mold. Today she shares with us the premiere of Younger Blood, one of the singles off her second EP.
Laid back electronic garage pop artist DENM illustrates how perfectly simple love is when you find someone who loves you back. GREEN is part of DENM’s debut EP Dreamhouse, out today. This single is one of those tracks that the more you listen to it, the more you fall in love with it.
We still don’t know who the mysterious new band Terror Jr is, but we now know that they Come First. The new single was produced by the red-hot Felix Snow and Jerker Hansson. The 5th single from the American-based band, Come First feels like the perfect anthem for dating in the entitled-identity-politics era in which we find ourselves. It’s also absurdly catching.
Long Island based indie band Shiffley is creating music as if it were tailored for the warm summer weather — effortlessly transforming from rock based anthems to contagious dance pop. Today we are pleased to share with you the premiere of their newest single, Systems.
After a string of three solid EPs, Tourist came into the public eye in 2015 after winning the Grammy for song of the year for co-writing Sam Smith's Stay With Me. He's been in the studio for the past two years banging out these ten other masterpieces. If this isn't the electronic album of the year, color me surprised. This is the emergence of a true talent from chill out bass producer to superstar.
Have you been looking for that dreamy pop track that no one else has heard of for your summer mix? We know you have, and that’s why today we’re happy to introduce you to Allie X’s Too Much to Dream. Having already proven that she’s capable of writing a pop hit, she’s now out to show that she can carry one on her own. And as anyone who listened to her debut EP, Collxtion I, knows, she’s more than up to the task.
A Love Song is the latest single off Ladyhawke’s forthcoming LP, Wild Things, her third solo effort. Pip Brown finds the confidence to embrace her synth pop yearnings and delivers a song that is tailor-made to soundtrack your spring fling.