Indie Electronic

There are some things your are immediately in the bag for and all you can do is hope for the best. A Janelle Monae song called Pynk featuring Grimes feels like some fanfic I’m not nearly brave enough to write. I loved this before I knew it existed.
Wasted is an infectious little tune that’s a complete departure from Peking Duk's electro-pop or melodic future-trap sounds of yesteryear, but it’s awesome and bringing some light to one of the best genres to ever hit dance music.
Gladius James dubs himself a Singer Songwriter first and foremost, but that’s mainly because putting a genre classification on him ain’t so easy. It’s no easy accomplishment to weave so many various elements this seamlessly into one vocal performance piece. Man’s got flair, that’s for sure.
Ooh boy production duo Battle Tapes have dropped some of the finest nu-disco I’ve ever heard, with this ooey gooey sticky funk-pop track, So Broke. This upbeat, funky, hook-driven gold from LA singer/songwriter Party Nails comes in at the absolute last minute as a serious contender for best electro-pop song of the year.
As December is finally upon us here at We Are The Guard, people might be getting a little lazy waiting for the holiday break to come around, yet the musical releases are probably hot enough to melt the snow off your driveways. This next new single named Blurr is from the newly-minted Mild Joy.
When We Are The Guard say new, we mean the newest of the new. Let us turn our attention to BLND TGR, a Brooklyn-based duo we've had our eye on for all of... 4 months. Heartbreaker is the second single off their self-titled EP, scheduled for a January 2018 release.