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If you’re the kind of music lover who likes it when bands blend pop and electronic music, but actually play their instruments live and craft songs that are more memorable than your average club hit, than you need to (...)
The legendary electronic duo Röyksopp have returned with a series of unreleased music that was recently uncovered while revamping their chateau. And thank goodness they decided to renovate their chambers because (...)
Time to dust off your spurs and saddle up partner because we’re about to go on a clip-clop ride with Valentino Khan’s single “Pony.” With horse neighs and the pounding sounds of hooves hitting the ground, “Pony” charges in (...)
Producer Goldroom says that today’s featured song “Yellow Flowers” helped him rediscover that feeling of wonder and possibility in his own music.” Yes Goldroom, you are on point. I remember eating (...)
Fix Me has Francis teaming up with the Chicano mumble crooner Cuco, an LA icon in his own right. This sound is a departure for both artists, with Cuco’s usual lo-fi bedroom sound getting a major overhaul from a relatively restrained production by Francis standards.
Being alive in a society in 2018 is sort of like living on quicksand, or maybe just over a trap door. The bottom can drop out any second. Information Overload, the debut single from Vermont's Grabbitz, captures this confusing, contradictory life on the edge not only lyrically, but also sonically.
Three of the brightest up and coming players in the game have joined forces to create an absolute banger of a song which fluctuates between experimental bass, trap, and dance music. There’s something here for everyone.
“Fashion After All” is Poppy’s homage to Daft Punk’s Human After All. With that release, Gaspard and Tomas were seemingly admitting that they were only pretending to be Robots, while Poppy might just actually be one.
The usual complaints about pop music are that it’s bland, generic, sonically uninteresting and derivative, and overtly tame. Glasgow duo Love Sick seems like they’re addressing these issues head-on with their full-throttle new single Fever.