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By this point in his career Matoma has become quite the veritable hitmaker. Following up Girl at Coachella with MAGIC! and D.R.A.M. and Staying Up with The Vamps comes Slow with Noah Cyrus. Matoma successfully dips into the world of future house/bass for the first time and churns out another festival banger.
Abra’s back, with banging beats and fogged-out vocals from Atlanta’s underbelly! Bacardi could be a party scene outtake from the indie horror It Follows, with sickly atonal synths riding on top of a simple-but-deadly-effective boom-bap beat from an 808 drum machine.
Toronto-based artist lemin. has just come out with an EP, and the first track is a slow, sensual ballad that’s way too groovy for its own good. Cookie Dough Skin is like an homage to all the between-the-sheets, baby-making music of yonder. It’ll also make you hungry as hell.
Rising producer DNMO is here to remind us of the confusion and uncertainty of teenage years with Broken, featuring the velvet vocals of New Jersey’s Sub Urban.
On Woodes’ gorgeous new single, Dots, the Melbourne singer/songwriter goes questing with elegant strings, powerful beats and, of course, Woodes’ haunting vocals. Epic is an understatement - Dots is dripping with reverb, grandiose and larger than life, while still retaining a whispering, goosebump-inducing intimacy.
While the rest of internet has had quite the love/hate relationship with MGMT over the years, I’ve never had anything but the utmost affinity for the indie psych pop heroes. Little Dark Age, the newest somber single from the duo, is the first song off their fourth record.
Swedish producer-duo Smerz vow to take care with someone’s heart on No Harm. No Harm speaks to being young and in love along with being careless when we should be careful.
We Are The Guard have been watching Jack Grace's career slowly climb for two years now. His debut EP River, released last year, is a vibrating, delicate offering and frankly, one of the many underrated new EPs of 2016.
What is considered to be dance music today can get a bit redundant, so we always welcome a new an fresh take on the synth-happy genre. Grey's debut EP, Chameleon, is fearless with kicks and jolts that immediately reverse the tone you want to predict will happen next.