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Portland songstress Liyv describes herself as That Weird Girl in High School Who Was Too Into Music. Her newest song entitled Like You Mean It is anything but typical. Though I am not quite sure what exactly is Pastel Pop, she might be the originator of this very interesting genre.
Millie Turner reveals a precocious talent on Underwater! Her debut single has already racked up over 10,000 plays on Spotify, with no major label support. Underwater is the Best In Class, for youthful, optimistic, romantic ballads.
Check out Never Gonna Say Goodbye, by Swedish producer duo Tape Machines, featuring a sultry guest vocal from Loidimo. Trancey, epic EDM pianos meet a thumping house club beat, all dipped in a crystal cocoon of reverb and echo, giving a huge, big room emotionality to this short electropop banger.
As if ionnalee's first audiovisual single, Samaritan, wasn't intoxicating enough, her second single, Not Human, might be even better. Co-written with Com Truise, Not Human is one part atmospheric, one part lyrical, one part dance.
On the heels of her early singles, Ocean Eyes and Bellyache, teenage sensation Billie Eilish has released her newest track titled Watch. Destined for Top-40 stardom, We Are The Guard examines if this song pass the smell test.
The xx are always a band to watch and their new video "I Dare You" is no exception. We here at We Are: The Guard are absolutely ecstatic to share his filmmaking masterpiece with you.