Best New Artists 2017

Baynk comes straight out of New Zealand with some of the grooviest summer time bliss out tunes I’ve heard in a long while. Come Home, Baynk’s newest collaboration with Shallou, is bound to be on every single chill vibes playlist this side of 2018.
I hope you're as excited for July's New Artist Forecaster as I am! I am quite grateful to have all this fresh new music from artists I'd never heard of. Let's hope you hadn't either, otherwise maybe you'll have my job this time next month.
Starting off under the pseudonym Småland, Griffin Oskar took the internet by storm with a demo turned remix turned viral sensation. Before he even had any music mixed and mastered he had an EP deal signed, sealed, delivered to Republic Records.
London alt-singer/songwriter Freya Ridings is wise beyond her years, with a voice as warm and weathered as early Nina Simone and the primal, howling emotionality of Adele, minus the melodrama.
Frank Gamble isn’t a real name. It’s actually a band name. In fact, a wonderful future sexy-bass R&B production and singer duo from London. Frank Gamble make killer tunes and I’m very pleased to bring them to your attention.
Prepare for the scorching months with equally-hot new releases featured on We Are The Guard’s Spotify and Soundcloud. It’s the perfect way to catch up on sweet new tunes with one simple click. The New Artist Forecaster is loaded with relatively-unknown names that are heavy on musical credibility.
Weslee’s lead single, Gassed got some momentum after being featured on the comedy series You’re The Worst. BBC DJ Mistajam and Radio 1 took an interest in their spartan, elegant beat-driven r&b/pop, naming Gassed the Hottest Record In The World.
New York musician, model, and fashionista Mallory Merk defies convention, doing things her own way in both music and fashion, RULING the game instead of playing it.
NLSN has got quite the emotive future-house tune on his hands and we are absolutely in love with the positive sense of emotions and endearing self-love laid all over this deep house track.
Every music blogger worth his weight in mediocrity is going to draw comparisons between Lou the Human and Eminem. This Staten Island rapper and producer deserves to stand on his own two feet.
Lakeland, FL’s Bela Pierce gets personal with her pop-infused, electronic singer/songwriter ballads, like shadows melting into the sunlight.
We’ve recently been hooked on a new elusive sound so fresh that it has yet to be categorized. In order to properly represent their style, MXMS created the sub-genre Funeral Pop, and you will certainly be hooked or perhaps even obsessed.
Kayex is an Australian electronic-dance duo featuring the talents of Tom Derickx and Palassi Kailis. Currently based in Sydney, not much is known about the Perth natives other than the fact they just started making music in 2016.