Best New Chill Out

Winter may be far from done with us yet, but fear not as We Are The Guard is here to rescue you with a warm, fuzzy blanket in the form of the latest dose of Top Chill Songs. Simply hunker down with a pair of headphones and some snacks and wait for all of this to blow over with the following tracks from Vancouver Sleep Clinic, SYML, TREGS, Keaton Henson, XYLØ and more.
Laina proves that there is a place in the world for pure modern folk music. The German artist’s new track, Here’s To You, is the kind of song that’ll stay in your thoughts for days to come and it's because of it's simplistic, yet emotive vibe that characterizes the age-old genre.
As March brings with it warmer temperatures, remind yourself of the stuff that really matters in life, like spending time with friends, family and, of course, top music?! Featuring Nicolas Haelg, HOWLING, Chrome Sparks and more, we hope that the following edition of Best Chill Songs helps you to pack in the positive vibes this weekend!
We pride ourselves on finding the Best Chill Songs so that you can spend less time mindlessly scrolling through your SoundCloud and YouTube feeds in search of new music, and more time getting out and enjoying the delightful change in season this weekend to the sounds of FKJ, Deep Chills, Kanye West, Michl, Private Life and plenty of others!
As we wait on the March equinox, we're keeping the positive vibes flowing whatever the weather here at We Are: The Guard with the latest dose of Top Chill Songs. Curated by yours truly, may the following tracks from SoKo, R3hab, Tennyson & Mr. Carmack and lots more help you to beat what's left of your February blues.
We Are The Guard’s latest pick for Best New Track is a haunting symphony. Ayia’s Ruins weaves indistinguishable vocals and instrumentals together that spiral into another glass-cutting universe.
Santa Monica-based artist OPUS ORANGE is sending chills down our spines here at The Guard with his beautifully haunting and must-hear new single, Moon River. For this track they’ve teamed up with songstress KOTOMI who provides some seriously intoxicating vocal work that will keep you coming back for repeat listens.
It's Friday, which can only mean one thing... Welcome to yet another edition of We Are: The Guard's Best Chill Songs! Featuring Autograf, Tülpa & BLANKTS, Rationale, Opus Orange, Oscar Key Sung and more, the following playlist is sure to offer a perfect start to any weekend!
As The Guard undergoes its metamorphosis into We Are: The Guard, this weekly dose of Best Chill Music feels as vital as ever. When the drama and the politics get all too much this Friday, you can simply put on your headphones and restore some positive vibes with the following songs from Andrew Luce, Kevin Garrett, Bipolar Sunshine, Bruno Major, vōx and more.
Brand new artist On Planets (aka Sean Wharton) just released his debut single, Cure, and it’s our first taste of his upcoming EP, Personal Space. The Vancouver-based producer is quickly stirring up some well-deserved buzz with this celestial sounding track.
Blindside is the brooding new track from the wonderfully moody UK-based duo, AQUILO, and it’s everything we’d hoped it would be. It’s an emotionally charged three minutes and 15 seconds that has us totally ready for their debut full length album, Silhouettes.
Mysterious teenage artist SPOOKY BLACK aka Corbin Smidzik has been creating some well-deserved hype over the past couple of years with his unique, chilled-out take on the alternative R&B genre. The Minnesota native laid low for most of 2016, but now he’s back and refreshed with a brand new track called “Destrooy” (and no, that is not a typo).