Best New EDM Dance

The EasyFun remix of K.I.D.’s Taker is easy listening that feels as carefree as a Friday night out. If it weren’t for the familiar repetition of the titular lyrics throughout the track, this remix would be completely unidentifiable because where K.I.D. is pop, EASYFUN is electropop.
What’s up Chella-heads? The world’s most important festival just dropped their annual line-up and it’s a doozy. I have compiled a playlist of the coolest / most interesting / best soundings artists in small font. Why?! Because I love music and I love you! Now hop to it and have some fun because every one of these artists is three fire emojis.
The British duo of Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory are finally returning to the droney yet catchy dance-pop roots that helped them break onto the scene in the first place seventeen years ago. Anymore is a can’t miss single from two amazing artists that are firing on all the right cylinders.
Who knew that love in the digital age between millennials could sound so darn cute and uplifting? Well, that is totally the case with producer Digital Farm Animals (Nick Gale) and singer/actress Hailee Steinfeld’s hot new single, Digital Love.
When Luis Clara Gomez aka MOULLINEX isn’t busy splitting his time between Munich and Lisob where he creates remixes and works with popular artists like Cut Copy, Two Door Cinema Club or Peaches, he’s working on stuff like this newly released awesomely unapologetic new track, Build a Wall?
U Make Me (because spelling out entire words is so 2016), is the smoldering debut single from newcomer ISAAC LEE, and we simply can’t get enough. The young Atlanta-based artist’s broody croon is perfect for this type of dark and dancey EDM, making us super excited to discover what else he has up his sleeve.
On February 3rd, Tokimonsta is set to release Young Art Sound, a compilation from her very own label Young Art, featuring remixes of previously released songs and music from friends like allie, GITCHII, and label mate Cri. Here’s a little taste of the compilation. Get ready to be drenched in sensual energy.
Having recently got sexy with model and actress Suki Waterhouse in the video for Black Car, British singer-songwriter Leon Else returns today with another visual spectacular for his second single, Dance.
Dance, the latest single from British singer Leon Else, is an infectious bit of 80s-inspired synth pop. But the real star here is not Else’s voice or lyrics, but his incredibly swift feet. Using a minimalist set and dramatic lighting, Else ratchets up the tension and accentuates his every move for an emotionally cathartic sequence that is truly jaw dropping.
My initial reaction to I Did, the new single from Dublin-born singer Bonzai, is that it annoyed me. Later that day I found myself humming the lyrics. Before I knew it I was full-blown obsessed with the song, having played it a dozen plus timtes, and thoroughly embarrassed by my premature judgement of it. I Did is the lead single off Lunacy, Bonzai’s forthcoming third EP.
Mr. Oizo is back with a brand new LP, and he got his alter ego to direct a trailer for said album. I’m sure All Wet is an excellent album and yada yada yada. I don’t care about all that right now because this trailer is fanf**kingtastic. Why don’t all albums get trailers? And why aren’t all trailers this good, music or otherwise?