Best New EDM Dance

It’s super depressing that it’s a Saturday and I have zero plans. All is good though because Rezz has dropped a masterpiece of a song, “Lonely.” The Canadian producer pairs up with The Rigs to create a song so distorted it begs (...)
There is no appropriate genre with which to define REZZ. Sure, we music bloggers try to find something fitting by calling her heavier than all known elemental metals or dubstep adjacent or just simply in making (...)
You’re having a tough day. We know what it’s like: woke up on the wrong side of the bed, coffee won’t brew, and you’re running late to work only to find out that you left the light on in your car last night and now the battery (...)
If hearing that Ekali and 1788-L have teamed up for a track doesn’t instantaneously get those headphones on and hood up, then we might be starting off on different pages here. Ekali and 1788-L are a bass supergroup in the making.
When RL Grime drops the first track off his new label, we should probably pay attention, right? “Arcus” from RL Grime and Graves is as good (if not better) than anything either artist has released up to this point. That’s like saying better than the best.
If Don Diablo was a hot sauce he’d be a fiery chipotle that’s got a major KICK, but is also incredibly palatable and enjoyed by absolutely everyone that’s ever enjoyed anything ever. Don Diablo would be the hot sauce of the people, the kind we’d all order slathered on everything.
“I can think of something better for your mouth to do,” is one of those things I never realized I wanted a woman to say to me. As the closing line of the nu disco jam “Talk” by Oliver Nelson and Linae it leaves quite the impression.
Get your arses ready because the best summer festival west side of the Mississippi is happening this weekend here in our own backyard, and for the first time this month the hottest thing this weekend is going to be the lineup and not the temperature.