Best New EDM Dance

Remember Wingtip from way back in 2017? With his viral hit “Rewind”? (LOL OMG feel old yet?!!??!) The electronic producer has been hard at work since Rewind, and left us a feel-good single to lead us off into 2018. Listen to Space For Us, featuring Youngr.
While the entire country is getting a nice feel of autumn, it has finally reached the best coast after our final October heatwave here at the home for We Are The Guard. Pet project of Alex Winston and Max Hershenow, Post Precious just yield their debut track named Timebomb. Get a whiff of this one before it blows up.
What is more hype than this new track from Scottish Trap Lord Watgood? Textures is HYPE with a capital H (screw that, ALL CAPS). Old school dubstep vibes on this wonky trap wobble.
Crankdat's Dollars is an upbeat melodo-trap banger that’s perfectly engineered for thousands to bounce around massive arenas and share emotional resonance and rad dance moves with everyone within a hundred foot radius.
There’s been a lot of speculation, over the years, who was the real backbone of Crystal Castles. The cynics claimed Alice Glass, Crystal Castles’ original singer, as just a replaceable face. But if Blood Oath is any indication, Glass was responsible for Crystal Castles’ experimental edge.
Zhu’s newest single, Dreams, is kind of a nightmare, but a dream come true for bass freaks. For those who aren’t afraid of the shadows, those willing to go to great lengths to find wonder and excitement, Dreams is about to make your EDM dreams come true.
Looking to continue their momentum from their earlier singles, Los Angeles-based producers named Oliver dropped their newest track, Chemicals, with the vocals supplied by MNDR. We Are The Guard takes a listen.
Dubstep in space! Kid Antoine Pairs Sparkling Synths And Skeletal Beats On Inclusive! The stars have perfectly aligned for Kid Antoine’s Inclusive, with its spartan beats and starshine synthesizers.