Best New Indie Pop

As we approach the summer months, we present some more upbeat jams worthy of outdoor play, including Julia Michaels’s newest song, Uh Huh, which is guaranteed to get the blood pumping as the temperature rises.
Cold by Maroon 5 and Future is catchy, but it has a repetitive and slow beat. However, when Snow Culture takes on the song, it becomes something new entirely. Dare, we say it's even better than the original?
Fanny Anderson has got quite the catchy new single on her hands. Kids is the newest (first?) single from this Oslo native. What is it about Norway? Beautiful women making amazing dance-pop music? Is there something in the water?
Chimes is about to take over the world with their catchy pop EDM. Nite swimming is a hook filled EDM anthem with a melodic drum beat and tingling harmonies that drum up images of floating amongst the stars in space.
Paramore’s latest release deserves a listen. Their music is the sort of radio fodder you don’t want to admit you love, but will totally sing along to with the windows rolled up in the privacy of a solo commute.
Joywave, the five-piece band from Rochester, New York, just dropped their first original track after over three years since their last album, How Do You Feel? Quite a long while between singles. We Are The Guard wants to find out if it was worth the wait.
Best of Indie Pop is back at it again presenting the best of what the indie pop / alternative pop genre has to offer. It’s time to get down to business and catch up on what we missed. This week’s edition features THEY., Dillon Francis, Woodkid and more.
International singer Sofi de la Torre prides herself in making pop done right. You get that sense immediately on Views Of You. This is a soft, universal love song that tells the perils of heartbreak.
Much like their first major hit, Middle Fingers, Missio's newest track called KDV is another unapologetic response to naysayers and haters to their music and steez.
We hate to break it you, but there is something inevitable that comes with living: Everything eventually comes to an end. This is the blunt message, riddled with anxiety, that Helsinki native Lxandra delivers in Flicker.