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Many of the biggest musicians of the past 200 years have sung and played other people's tunes. They've also written for other artists. In praise of the songwriters, and those who bring their creations to singing, dancing life, here are 10 hits that were passed up by other artists.
We’ve got the perfect playlist, one that doesn’t flatline after the first two songs. We call it We Are: The Guard Weekly Charts. And unlike most things in life, this is one thing that is always on point and will never let you down.
Our last day offered perhaps the most intense sound of the festival. We’ve put together some of our favorite sets and some new artists we’ve been wanting to see and hear live.
And the best performance this year goes to …. Just kidding. We don’t actually have an award for the best performances at SXSW. We do however have some pretty amazing shots captured by our photographer Stuart Hargrove of some of the action happening on Wednesday.
Our coverage of this year’s South By South West continues, from big name acts to the lesser known musicians, we’re covering it all...or at least the most of what we physically can. Scroll through and discover the action captured on day two of SXSW.
The time has come yet again where we here at We Are The Guard strap on our trekking shoes and stretchy pants (yes, we know, it’s quite the outfit), and fly over to Austin, Texas for a week long music binge. For now, we leave you with some of Monday’s music performances … in no particular order here they are.
There is no reason to feel left out from the Valentine’s day festivities. We Are The Guard will love you always and forever and we’ve got you covered with 10 gift ideas to gift yourself to show yourself how much you love yourself. From monthly subscriptions to things that will keep you warm, here is our list. Sounds good? Okay! Heart emoji.
We typically think that everyone who’s famous found success quite easy -- which is far from the truth. Here are ten musicians who worked normal jobs before they made it big.
Coachella regularly books some of the coolest acts you and I and your friend Rick who knows EVERYTHING about music have never heard of. And these artists are in a font so small it barely registers with your eyeballs. Thus, we present our Best of the “Small Print” Coachella Artists playing Sunday!
The lineup dropped, the festival sold out, now it’s just up to you to make the rest of the weekend magical. What about some of that small print stuff? You know, the one you actually have to put your glasses on to read like at the DMV? What’s a Jason Bentley? Exactly. Let’s check it out.
To further push your taste knobs in the right direction we’ve collaborated with some of our favorite music influencers (blogs we love, key music managers, favorite PR people, etc) to bring you 12 indie artists who will pwn 2018. Listen below and discover new talent to add to your Spotify playlist.