Indie Cover Songs

Something in the Way was already one of Kurt Cobain’s more depressive songs and yet somehow LA duo MXMS and their morbid electro-synth broken beat sound are able to turn this cover into a goddamn funeral dirge and their video pushes it to another level.
JMR might have turned in the most secular Silent Night of them all, while still encapsulating the holy loveliness of the original. The requisite vocal harmonies stick to the source material, which is given a futuristic (...)
It's that time of the year once again where we blast Christmas carols every day and all day, but not just any Christmas songs. This year we’ve gone all out with our very own Christmas compilation. Jamie Lidell puts his own personal spin on Do You Hear What I Hear.
It’s not every day that I’m surprised by a sound as original and instantaneously iconic as this one. Kelly Lee Owens perfectly mixes dream pop vocals with a funky techno rhythm and weirdo bass lines to produce something truly worth talking about.
Drake & Rihanna’s Too Good was so inescapable in 2016 that I found it difficult to believe that I could barely remember who the original was by. I was so deeply engrossed in this cover from Jo&Me that my mind completely forgot about Rihanna and Drake.
London singer-songwriter Freya Ridings just released her interpretation of Yeah Yeah Yeahs’s most famous hit, Maps. This cover invokes a different feeling from the original. How so, you might ask? Please read on.