Indie Rock

Although he plays live with a backing band, new artist Monogram is essentially a solo project for Liam Rutherford, guitarist of the now-defunct Scottish band The Darien Venture.
The latest effort from solo act Low Cut High Tops, which we are very excited to premiere, is an engaging psychedelic single that demonstrates once again his impressive artistic abilities. Pretty Eyed Girl sets the perfect platform for his unique vocals to shine.
Indie twee rockers and The Guard favorite FMLYBND have been releasing a new song each month this year. Their latest offering, Euphoria, is one of the best tracks we’ve heard in 2015.
Chicago-native Ezra Furman's best new track, Restless Year, has a sunny pop sheen with existential angst buried beneath a singsongy chorus. It’s my favorite kind of sad white boy rock. Well done, sir!
The SoKo revival train rolls on with another cool new song off her upcoming LP, My Dreams Dictate My Reality. Like Who Wears the Pants? before it, Temporary Mood Swings is another homage to Patti Smith.
London duo AOSOON, short for A Lot Of Something Out Of Nothing, is back with their cool new song, I Spy. I Spy, off the just released Capo 3 EP, sounds like Kavinsky doing folk music.
Packed with the perfect blend of lo-fi, harmonious pop and plenty of wonderfully weird, outlandish moments, Ariel Pink's latest effort, Pom Pom, will keep you entertained and guessing throughout its entirety.
The Budos Band released their first full-length album in over four years, and their horn-driven sound is more savage and lusty than ever. Burnt Offering is a great name for the album, because that’s just what it is.