Diplo is back to what he does best with his newest remix of his recent track Get It Right, where he once again employs the talents of MØ. For the remix, RCA-signed rapper GoldLink comes along for the ride. We Are The Guard takes a listen to this newest drop from the legendary producer.
As we not-so-patiently wait for Tove Lo's new album, Blue Lips, she is treating us to a three-track set of remixes, one of which is Disco Tits. The new version is by Oliver, and it takes the OG song from disco-pop to a fully-charged electronic groove.
As the veritable queen of Bounce Big, Freedia can do anything she wants. A reality show? Check. Her own app where she twerks over the video you take with your camera phone? You bet your ass. A vicious spitfire remix over a bubblegum-trap anthem? HOLLLER!
Lorde, already a friend to EDM, is about to get a brand new makeover for all those ravers who need their music with a little more oomph on the dance floor. Listen to Peking Duk’s pitch-perfect future bass version of Perfect Places.
Melodrama thematically points at Lorde's transition from small town girl to global superstar. One of those songs to explore that very subject matter is Perfect Places. Hibell attempts to elevate Lorde's messaging with a twist of his own.
After listening to this track once I needed to go back and do some research. What it sounded like to me was an Indie Pop Radio Charter as remixed by the strange dark minimal techno of Gesaffelstein, which in itself is quite the contradictory statement.
THEY.'s U RITE is a fantastic song on its own. It perfectly showcases the rising LA-based duo's smooth blend of grunge and R&B. Their particular way of fusing styles makes it undeniably irresistible for remixing, and Louis Futon knows how to remix.