Best New R&B

Just a stone's throw from St Valentine's Day, it seems fitting to have some scintillating slow jams in the form of Millions via the Canadian duo Always Never. Be sure to load some of these tracks onto your romantic mix-tapes, and send some Thank You notes to your friends at We Are The Guard.
Chris Dave has been a prolific drummer for years and ever in our lives providing the skillful beats to some of the more significant moments. Now he’s coming out with an album this week alongside The Drumhedz, and it’s already created a buzz along the music site wires.
If you listen to the rest of BLAISE’s tracks featured on his DAY ONES ONLY Soundcloud page then you’re bound to hear the emergence of a new hip-hop R&B talent, but Seeing Double is something different entirely.
This song is trouble with a capital T. Okay maybe not Trouble with a capital T, how about SEXY with a capital SEX. I don’t even know what NoMBe looks like but he could be the ugliest person in the whole world and he’d still be sexy with a song like this one.
Moore reminds us a bit of Hozier and We Are The Guard hope he takes that as a compliment. He has the same sort of gospel sound with complex keys that he makes sound effortless. On All My Sins, his one and only song, his piano is married with equally expert and emotive vocals.
Primavera has a completely original lush lo-fi soul sound unlike anything I’ve ever come across before. A.CHAL, fresh off his debut album Gazi, lends his unconventional, enchanting RnB songwriting to sensuous future soul production from Hansaa and soso.
Chances are, you’ve heard of Jacob Banks’ music before. But if you’re not keen on Banks and his powerful songwriting, don’t sweat it. We Are The Guard will show you the way. Take a listen to Jacob Banks’ new track Unknown (To You) below.
Always Never have three massive new tunes on their hands (but by massive I mean slow and patient brooding) and I have a feeling they’re about to be your new favorite Canadian R&B superstars.
This über sensual minimal chill out beat from dvsn has got me in the mood for some slow kinda lovin’. Put this on your playlist and get ready to drop it when the moment’s white hot. Fast-forward nine months and you’ll be the proud parent to a dvsn induced baby.
It's the end of summer. The black top is so hot that when you look out on the horizon you can actually see the three-digit temperature rising into the air. That very moment is the same vibe we feel when we listen to Blaise's new song, 21 Questions.