Best New R&B

Before everything became monetized and recorded, songs were passed down like folktales. Occasionally a new singer would take some creative liberties during a performance and another verse would be added to (...)
Bob Dylan once sang about rainy day women. But now as we enter the era of millennial malaise, it’s more like rainy day everything. Michael Kiwanuka’s “Solid Ground,” has the UK indie-soul singer-songwriter crooning (...)
"Face To Face” explores the uncomforting feelings of Rex Orange County during his time away from home. He reveals how his distrust of people was on high alert. Thanks to this experience we know have a glistening (...)
The idea that this life is merely a trial run for the next one, a pre-test of sorts, is at the heart of nearly every religion. The idea that something far greater than we can comprehend is happening just outside (...)
Out of the gate, this is the kind of song that you want to become friends with. Like if it were a person (and I’m making no comment about Samm Henshaw as a person, but rather the song personified), it would (...)
Persian R&B singer Snoh Aalegra explores the confusion of modern love on "Situationship," in anticipation of her upcoming new album! Modern life is confusing, uncertain, unstable. To say that this (...)
Because we need more music that shows the kindness of humans and the good we can bring if we just give a tiny bit of ourselves, soul singer Eryn Allen Kane is out with her highly anticipated album a tree planted by water. Her project that took (...)
Build is Skye’s first follow-up single to her 2018 full-length release ULTRAVIOLET. Only seven months later and she’s already got some new hotness fueling the fire. Arin Ray hops in for a featured verse that’s got some major charm.
Last November when then 18 year old Cole Basta, aka Col3trane, released his heady debut mixtape Tsarina he couldn’t have been prepared for the response. Britney, the highlight track off his new release BOOT, deals with Cole’s newfound notoriety.
This is the kind of song you can play on repeat to help get over a thing that's never ever ever going to happen. In that night of self-pity you might as well listen to some tunes that might make you feel better about yourself. Why not start with ABCD (Friend Zone) from PnB Rock. It will help you heal!!
Peter Cottontale’s “Forever Always” features heavy hitters such as Chance the Rapper, Daniel Caeser, Rex Orange County, Madison Ryann Ward and Yebba. If you haven’t heard of him yet, that’s what we’re here for.