Indie Dance

Lizzo ignores the noise and that's why she's garnered a loyal, growing fanbase--because she's true to herself and that genuity is infectious. Her new single, Water Me, uplifts us so much that when listen we don't walk, but strut down the street as we nod our heads side to side.
In 2011, the entire music industry shed tears. The great electro-rock stadium band, LCD Soundsystem, assured their legion of devoted fans that they were calling it quits forever. Clearly though, they couldn't stay away, because this year they're fully back and proving that they're, dare we say, better than before.
Sofi Tukker's Fuck They might just be the most punk-rock dance song of the summer. Push the constant profanities aside, and you’ve still got a blatant middle-fingers-up anthem with a great synthline accompanying the succinct and shameless message surrounding it.
Listen to the last 24 years in time-lapsed photography in Youngr’s 93! Youngr’s 93 suggests a future living in harmony with the past; where technology augments our reality instead of replacing it.
It’s like Bruno Mars found UK Funky and is channeling a response track to Mick Jagger’s “I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction).” THANKS have got quite the pop electro smash hit on their hands.
Chimes is about to take over the world with their catchy pop EDM. Nite swimming is a hook filled EDM anthem with a melodic drum beat and tingling harmonies that drum up images of floating amongst the stars in space.
Tape Machines, self-described as two Swedish producers making awesome music, is as fresh and yellow as they come. Dirty Linen Sheets presents a tale of a one-night sexual encounter between strangers that turns a little more romantic than intended.
Now that things here at We Are The Guard are getting back to the norm, we are pretty much ready to get back to business and continue highlighting some of the most talented artists of the moment. Instead of presenting you with another Top 10 list, we’re slowing the pace down and giving you a one on one with the man responsible for making every day of the year feel like Summer... Viceroy.
It’s been a while, but Oscar Key Sung is back with Shallow. His new song pumps like a heart’s beat in the club and we’re pretty sure that’s what Oscar visualized while he produced this piece.
Contradicting the title of today’s Best New Track, Arty’s latest piece, Falling Down, is packed with jubilant vibes that bind pop and EDM into an epic eargasm. The producer mellows out his tone and creates an emotive piece that will have even the non electro listeners giving it a spin.