Indie Singer-Songwriter

Need a reprieve from your drama-filled life or just looking for a lullaby? Novo Amor's Carry You could suffice for either of those moods. This is his first release since his collaboration last year with Ed Tullet and his first solo release since 2015.
We’ve featured the work of Keaton Henson here before at The Guard in our various weekly best ofs, but it’s high time he got some shine on his own. The reclusive British artist is queuing up his fifth proper album, Kindly Now, and the lead single, Alright, is an absolutely gorgeous, piano-driven stunner.
Best grab a box of tissues before watching the video for Frances' powerful new single, Don’t Worry About Me. As the British songstress is prepping for her debut LP, she takes a moment to reduce all of us to blithering pile of emotional mush. How kind of her.
Fresh off making one of 2014’s most underrated albums, Hard Believer, Fink is back with Horizontalism, a killer set of dubs from said record. The lead single off the latest release is “Fall Into The Light,” a heady, spaced-out ambient love song that seems unhinged from time.