Hipster Landfill

So by now I’m sure you’ve heard about the idiotic publishing negotiations / impending legal battle between Young and Beautiful Lana Del Rey and Paranoid Androids Radiohead. A representative for the kings of experimental indie noise rock has brought to public attention the similarities between the brooding songstress’s 2017 song Get Free and their 1993 hit, Creep.
It’s no secret that we here at The Guard totally love the Back To The Future trilogy. So we figured that since today is the day Marty goes into the future, it would be the perfect excuse for yet another Back To The Future Post!
Shambhala is an 11,000-person music festival in the Kootenay Mountains of British Columbia. Their whole branding is built around the idea that Shambhala is home.
If you like to think of yourself as a part of the EDM community, then there’s physically no way you haven’t heard of Dillon Francis. And if by some atrocity you haven’t, then you’re a disgrace to the Internet and need to be exiled.