Indie Chill

It’s been over a year since ultra chill and borderline-romantic artist Eden has put out an EP. Check out Eden’s cryptically-titled start//end, along with the accompanying stylistic visual.
Spending most of his career in the shadows of other musicians, Wynne finally steps out on his own to create his very original debut release called Distraction. Sit down with We Are The Guard and take a bite into something smooth and refreshing. You deserve it.
Portland-based artist Liyv, a potential princess who has quietly entered the realm of pastel pop, has released her debut EP, It Me. Maybe I Won’t slows the pacing of It Me for a couple minutes with its brooding, powerful allure.
City is the third single off Melbourne-based duo Seavera's soon to be released EP. We Are The Guard explores the ins and outs of their newest creation that is a harmonious balance of pleasant vibes and painful prose.
First Time With You is Kolaj's stellar single about love, happiness and meeting that special someone. Prepare to get your heart gushed. Kolaj’s voice sounds like a ‘90s dream; breezy, emotive, and reverberating with a simple but impressive prowess.
Emerging from Music City, USA, the indie pop trio called Bien delivers their newest single, Spinning On Blue, filled with out-of-this-world beats and vocals that plunge the listener into an ever long daydream.
Here at We Are The Guard, we have a steamy and sultry release by California-native Emmit Fenn called Woman. So, pour two glasses of wine and get comfortable. This is some baby-making music.
Brisbane, Australia alt-R&B act CLN delivers a sublime 4 minutes of glowing 8-bit synths and some crystalline marimba, with a swooning, hypnotic bassline growling in like the coming dusk on Breathe.
International singer Sofi de la Torre prides herself in making pop done right. You get that sense immediately on Views Of You. This is a soft, universal love song that tells the perils of heartbreak.
Haux first caught our attention with his debut EP, All We’ve Known. It’s a collection of sullen, steady songs. He lets his voice and melodies trickle and they’re undoubtedly beautiful for a foggy morning.