Top Pop Songs

Aaron Taos’ new track “Voodoo” plays on this notion of spellcraft, examining the exciting and nerve-wracking ways a new lover has of mesmerizing you and overriding your thought process. It’s a clever concept backed up by a series of instantly infectious pop hooks, first-rate production, and pristine vocals. “Voodoo” blends elements of pop, psychedelic, and reggae for a unique sound that will be playing on loop in your head for days.
Imagine if there was a song for all those dinguses that toyed with our hearts. And what if that song was actually good? Take a listen to Lebanese artist Bazzi’s song Why, and I’m sorry for any memories this will stir up.
Let me introduce you to Lume, a rising female artist whose newly released single is reflective, intelligent, and delicately crafted with purpose. It’s a thinking woman’s pop song, if you will. Listen to Tip of Your Thumb, and I pray the irony of the lyrics don’t get lost on you if you’re reading this post on your phone.
When you impress the likes of Katy Perry, it is certainly no small feat. Detroit-born Cynthia Nabozny, who goes professionally by the name CYN, just released her newest track called Together. Let’s not waste any time and dive right in.
As we approach the summer months, we present some more upbeat jams worthy of outdoor play, including Julia Michaels’s newest song, Uh Huh, which is guaranteed to get the blood pumping as the temperature rises.
Lauv's new release, I Like Me Better, is just as catchy as we'd expect. It's his most uptempo of jams yet. He exchanges his usual breakup ballads for snaps and playful melodies about becoming a better version of himself.
Paramore’s latest release deserves a listen. Their music is the sort of radio fodder you don’t want to admit you love, but will totally sing along to with the windows rolled up in the privacy of a solo commute.
Maty Noyes is currently best-known, if she’s known at all, for her vocals that close out The Weeknd’s last LP, Beauty Behind the Madness. Based on her newest single, In My Mind, she’s about to be a household name. At the risk of over-exaggerating, In My Mind is a perfect slice of pop.
We’ve got a transmission from the London underground for you today, although based on the quality of The Crown, Cherryade won’t be unknown for much longer. You could’ve convinced me that this was a new Charli XCX track, and that’s about the highest compliment I can pay a pop song in 2016. You can also hear the unmistakable influence of Maya, as well as PC Music and Sleigh Bells.