Best New Artists 2015

The world may already be packed with hopeful singer-songwriters writing acoustic love songs, but it’s rare to stumble upon one as alluring and original as Australia-native new artist, Amy Shark.
For a minute, I thought our star Curator, Duffster, led us astray. A New Artist find which included Kendall and Kylie Jenner, the younger spawn of the soulless Kris and the perpetually windswept Bruce Jenner?
In-Q (short for In-Question) is a slam poet, rapper, and songwriter who’s been focusing on spreading positive ideas through his poetry and music. Read on to discover something totally special.
Sassy garage-rock is alive and well in the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden, and new band Chirping is here to captivate you with their insanely catchy debut single, Ambitions.
Coming to us through our curator Callmearry by way of France is new artist Camel Power Club. Their Sputnik EP is full of unabashed happiness, a cute blend of French house, tropical island chill, and, dare I say, children’s music.
New artist Triple Dad is part poet, part producer, part philosopher. Perhaps more accurately, Triple Dad is an incredibly talented youngster trying to find his way in this musical world.
Kanye just signed Los Angeles-based new artist, Kacy Hill, to his label, and she’s already creating some serious online buzz with her debut single, Experience.
Indie rock quartet Glass Animals is the first signing to Wolf Tone, a new label from Paul Epworth. This new band is clearly inspired by Flying Lotus, Radiohead, and Animal Collective.
Read on to discover possibly the cutest and strangest electronic dance music you’ve yet to encounter, the super kawaii music label and new artist, Manicure Records.
London-based singer-songwriter Anna Calvi is busy doing something truly fresh and original in the indie rock world with her raw and powerful vocals and experimental guitar playing. This is a new artist you won't want to pass up.
Since the 90s, shoegaze has morphed into dream pop and a new term I just found which I like very much, Nu-Gaze. New artist PROM, a Brooklyn duo, joined the dream pop/nu-gaze club about a year ago.