Best New Artists 2015

Every once in a while a singer-songwriter will come along who is truly something special, and in this case it’s UK-based new artist Chad Male, music under the stage name Cape Cub.
Mysterious Buffalo, New York-based producer YLXR first grabbed our attention with his beautifully gloomy remix of Alanis Morissette’s Perfect, and after listening to his other offerings we are totally hooked.
Tokyo-based group LLLL is still relatively unknown and mysterious to American audiences, but that is quickly changing with their amazing new single, I Feel You Fading.
A foreign-born feminist songwriter with a love for gold and beauty, King Deco's vocals have a mixture of angelic softness and sensuality. The songstress has a defiant courage, calling herself a king despite being a woman.
Whether you want to experience some awesome bass-heavy beats with a trap twist, or you simply need some fresh new music in your life, Juelz is one new artist you do not want to pass up.
If you’re looking for music that’s ridiculously catchy, well produced, and that is sure to put you in a good mood, then MÖWE is definitely one new duo you don’t want to pass up.
In the place of concrete details about this new band called Sjowgren, there’s a series of lush, mellow songs that’ll quickly get their hooks in you and won’t let go.
Brooklyn-based new artist Xan Young may only have one song to his name so far, but we here at The Guard are totally loving his sensual electro-soul sound.
Brighton-based producer Zac Samuel has been busy gaining buzz with his fresh remixes and infectious originals that are bound to gain him a spot on the radio next to artists like Calvin Harris or David Guetta.
New Swedish pop songstress Miynt has us completely smitten with her indie rock meets electropop sound, complex electronics, sassy rock elements, and infectiously moody vocals.
In a world where Taylor Swift rules the airwaves, it's refreshing to hear something new from a dark, brooding pop singer. B.Miles reminds me a young Fiona Apple, with a serious edge and an absolutely gorgeous voice.
Mad Props to our curator Goldenwolf for finding this new UK indie electronic chill-out act, PEAKS. With only three original songs to their name, Peaks is onto some special sort of sound.