Best New Artists 2015

Aviva Payne and Matais Coulter hail from Sydney and specialize in their own unique brand of deep bass/electro-pop. What sets AViVAA apart from their peers is their insistence on using live instruments.
Whilk and Misky are a couple of new artists worth watching. They have the charm and musicality to go toe to toe with guys like Cage the Elephant and Black Keys in their respective arenas, but with added electronic muscle.
Italian DJ Alessandro Addea has been making quite a splash on SoundCloud under the name Addal with his fresh and exciting remixes of hit songs. He describes his work as “the pure essence of love turned into music.”
18 year old Alex Crossan has been making catchy alternative R&B under the name Mura Masa since 2012. His whispery smooth croon dances over magical melodies, intriguing beats and production techniques that prove he knows exactly what he’s doing.
Tenru, a fellow from Perth also known as David Jones, brings us many chill vibes and ambient moments via his Soundcloud page. Unlike a lot of similar artists, Tenru brings clarity and a sense of direction to his music.
Although new artist Kazy Lambist is quite the enigma, he lets the music do his talking. It’s surprising to see such melodic maturity and multi-genre playboy talents in an artist who is only at the beginning of his bright career.
With only one song on his Soundcloud page, new artist Lauv is nevertheless racking up the plays and garnering attention for his soothing and lovely brand of indie pop/R&B.
R.LUM.R is a solo artist from Orlando, Florida that blends a little bit of ‘90s vocal drum ‘n’ bass, chillstep and R&B to create a sound he calls alternative R&B.
Defying the formulaic genre norms, new artist Coleman Hell’s soundscape comfortably dives in and out of electro-infused hip-hop, pop, and disco. What we have in the end is a fresh slice of sonic summer love just you can’t get enough of.
If you love stylish looking dudes who only wear black and play wonderfully moody synth-pop, then London-based new band Zibra is right up your alley.
Manchester/London-based new artist Natalie Findlay is just what the indie rock world needs right now. Her electric guitar-driven sound is packed with energy and attitude, while her awesomely raw vocals ooze coolness.
20 year old Hannah Karydas, aka Eves The Behavior, is easily on her way to becoming the next big alternative pop sensation. If you’re a fan of moody-pop like Tove Lo or Lorde, then you’ll totally love this awesome new artist.
The latest new artist to come from Iceland, Halleluwah, is our most recent crush. Employing more pop and twee sensibilities than ever before, the band’s official debut single, Dior, is a truly stunning achievement.