Best New Artists 2015

Just when I thought the world didn’t have room for another charming, quirky French musician, a new band called Broken Back comes along and I have to begrudgingly put the headphones back on.
Litany are Beth and Jake, two talented 21 year olds from Harrogate, England. With only two tracks under their belt, these new artists speak volumes with their work. They’re downtempo but not necessarily chill.
The DJ and producer duo with the hard-to-google name, Sharks, hail from Stockholm, Sweden and have some serious skills when it comes to making insanely catchy electropop that’s perfect for the club or your daily commute.
Meet new artist Ryan Ashley, the mysterious 19 year old singer-songwriter who’s stirring up lots of buzz with his beautiful and haunting R&B debut, Hands.
New artist Sampha has two EPs and a handful of features as singer, keyboardist, and producer to his name. There’s an intimacy and an urgency to his singing voice that draws you in.
If you’re into singer-songwriters like Beck or Norah Jones but yearn for something new, then Aisha Badru is one artist you’ll definitely want to check out.
Indie German minimalist pop band, Ray Novacane, is an electronically empowered brand of German pop with the sweet taste of soul. We can’t wait to hear more from this awesome German alt-pop group!
We’ve seen a lot of great new artists come through the The Guard music filter. I can honestly say with regard to Emily Wells that she is the first new artist in a while who does not sound even remotely like anyone else.
Art pop is a stupid and seemingly redundant-sounding classification. Except when it’s not. In the case of emerging artist Cajsa Siik, art pop seems like the perfect designation.
If you’re into catchy R&B-flavored pop acts like The Neighbourhood but want something a little more upbeat and fresh, then read on to fall in love with new artist Sebell.
New artist Niklas Ibach may only be 20 years old, but it’s already pretty clear that he’ll be playing a significant roll in the German deep-house movement.
Her popular track Into the Night sets the tone for new artist Yasmin Green’s string-laden electronic blend of pop music that capture the same smooth vibes vocalists like Mazzy Star and Sade are known for.